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  • How to transfer money via Twitter?

    Heard about the new service offered by Twitter for transfer of money? Know more about this service & whether it is available in India.

    Recently I have read about the new money transfer facility offered by Twitter from a fellow blogger from abroad. I want to know about the procedure of money transfer via Twitter.

    Also, Please confirm which countries have started this service? When can we expect to have Twitter money transfer service in India?
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  • The service to transfer money via twitter has been introduced by a French Bank, Groupe BPCE. It can be availed only by the persons having French account and cellphone number.
    To send money, you will need to link your individual twitter account with the money transfer service of the bank. Once done, you can post on twitter with money services user name, twitter handle of the person to whom you plan to send money and the amount to be transferred along with the hashtag "envoyer" ( which means SEND on French).
    Users can transfer up to $635 with this service. However, the Twitter money transfer service is yet to flourish elsewhere. We heard about this French initiative in in Oct 2014. There is no information available on the actual commencement of the service.

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  • As we are talking about this unique venture by the French bank, our very own ICICI Bank has taken the initiative to launch this service in India. Here is how you can register yourself -
    1. Follow ICICI BANK twitter account @ICICIBANK.
    2. Send DM to @icicibank in the format #reg .
    3. You will receive an OTP on your mobile.
    4. Send DM to @icicibank in the format #regotp < OTP received> .
    Once registered to the service, you can perform following transactions -
    1. Send money to any other ICICI customer. Send DM in the format #pay. Be sure the payee has registered to the service.
    2. Check balance by sending DM as #bal.
    3. Check last three transactions by sending DM as #itran.
    4. Recharge your mobile by sending DM as #topup .
    5. For any help, send DM as #help.
    For further details, contact ICICI Bank website

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