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  • Can I use existing Amazon affiliate account for a second blog?

    Want to associate more blogs with an existing Amazon affiliate program account? Know how to add more blogs to your Amazon affiliate account.

    I had got my Amazon affiliate account approved for my first blog on online shopping. Can I use the same affiliate account for another blog of mine that I have started recently? The reason I ask this is because the affiliate links / code generated contains some id specific to the first blog. If I reuse it, would it create any issues? Do I need to re-apply with my new blog for the Amazon affiliate partnership? Please clarify.
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  • Yes, you can associate multiple blogs/websites with your existing Amazon affiliate account. The maximum allowed is 5.

    How to add more blogs to Amazon affiliate account

    1. Log in to your Amazon affiliate account
    2. Go to Account Settings (the link is in the top right hand corner)
    3. Under the heading of Account Information, you will see 'Edit your Website information'. Click on that link.
    4. You will now see the page where you can add another blog URL below the heading 'What is the URL of the website(s) you will use to send traffic to Amazon?'
    5. Fill in all the requisite boxes provided.
    6. Click the 'Save changes' button at the bottom & you're done

    Additional note: at any time you can also remove the URL of a blog which you no longer wish to have associated with the affiliate program.


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