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    Pen drive not getting detected by the computer

    Having problems with your PC not detecting pen drive when attached? Get quick troubleshooting tips on how to resolve this problem.

    Yesterday I noticed a peculiar problem with my desktop. The problem is the HP pen drive which I am using is not being detected by my computer. I tried all the USB ports provided on the PC, but none succeeded. I then checked the pen drive on my LED TV. There it was working fine. All folders and files were opening in the TV, the videos were playing. Again I tried on the PC but without any success.

    I referred google for this particular issue. I tried two solutions. One through device manager. There also the pendrive was not indicated, so couldn't proceed further. Then I tried through disk management, but again no sign of the pendrive. I am at my wits end. I am failing to comprehend, where the trouble is. The usb ports on the PC are all working fine. That I checked by connecting other usb devices. I am yet to check the pendrive in some other computer though.

    Meanwhile, someone please advise me on this issue.
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  • The best solution when pen drive is not detected in your Windows PC, is of course digging through device manager settings. But in this case we need to look for another option as your pen drive was not shown through device manager option.

    You need to check your pen drive of course with another PC. If it is not working there either, you are out of option. If it is working in another PC, the problem might be with your computer. Just uninstall the USB device of your computer and install it again. Most of the time the problem will be solved.

  • The issue of your pen drive not being detected by the PC can be solved by following the below mentioned steps -
  • Click on Start button.
  • Select Control Panel.
  • Click on Administrative Tools
  • Now click on Computer Management.
  • Expand Storage button here ( by clicking on the + sign).
  • Click on Disk Management.This opens disk management options.
  • On lower half of the screen, you should see USB/Pen Drive is listed as removable storage. If you can't see it, click on the + sign next to Removable Storage .
  • You will see the disk named as Disk 1 or Disk 2. Right click on it and select Change drive letter and path and then give it a new letter other than that exists. If it is E, change it to G or so.
  • Now open My Computer and you should see your pen drive listed.

  • I wish to point out that this may or may not solve the issue. This is just ONE of the possible solutions. First check whether your pen drive works on some other PC or any other device. If it works, and your problem does not get solved by above method- you may have to search for any other solution.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Your computer is really detecting the Pendrive or not it'll be clear if you'll follow the following steps:-
    • 1. Right Click on the My Computer Icon present on the desktop of your computer.
    • 2. Then Click on the Manage option. You must have the privilege or the authorization to enter this section. It's better to log in with admin account if you use with other account on your computer.
    • 3. Click on the storage option that you'll see listed after system tools.
    • 4. Then Click on Disk management
    • 5. You'll have to wait for sometime here after that you'll observe that all the volumes present in your computer is listed here along with the external storage devices.
    • 6. If you're observing your pendrive here then there is no problem with your USB port while detecting your pendrive. If it's not listed here then it's a another issue that we are not able to detect.

  • I am not a tech-proficient person, but from what I have heard about this problem from friends is that you need to update the driver software on your PC. Also, if you are having the same problem when attaching it to other PCs, that is it does not get detected or open, then it indicates that the pen drive itself is damaged.


  • If Pen drive not getting detected by the computer then their can be different reasons for it like:

    1.The Pendrive which you are trying to connect to your pc may have some connection problems.

    2.The port in which you are trying to connect the pendrive may not be working.

    3.If the pendrive is working and the port is also working than their can be problem in the software of your desktop.

    4.If then also not working then you can get more ideas on this site only. You can go through it.

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