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    What are the common PC issues in Windows operating system and how to resolve it?

    Learn more about common Windows OS problems and troubleshooting for solutions

    I want to know the common problems occurring in Windows operating systems based computers or laptop. How can we find the cause of PC problems and how to resolve it. As a system support engineer what are the required trouble shooting qualities should I have?
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  • If you want t know the common issues that can occur while using a Windows operating system then you need to go through the points mentioned below.
    • 1. Your Windows Seems slow: Sometimes due to more programs or unwanted virus that enter in the program with the softwares you download from internet makes the computer slow. The second reason can be issue with the resources when you're computer need more resources but it's not getting that.
    • 2. Your system need update but you're not getting how to update: Go to control panel that is listed in start menu. Left click on Action Center in All control Panel Items. Left click on Windows update link. Check for updates. By following this steps you can check for the latest updates as sometimes the new programs are not compatible when you haven't updated your system for a long time.
    • 3. Your printer is not working: Sometimes you'll face problems even though your printer has no hardware issues. To troubleshoot this, you should visit to device and printer option on your computer and set the printer as the default printer.
    • 4.You haven't the proper program to open a file. You'll face this problem when you are trying to open a file and you haven't the proper program to open the program and Windows will tell you to select a program from the installed program. This time you should check on Google if you doesn't know exactly about the exact program that is required for opening the program.
    • 4. DLL files are missing on your computer: DLL files tells you're operating to perform certain functions on your computer. If it's showing this error, you have DLL files missing on your computer. Then, you must search the DLL file on web and then restore them by downloading that to the PC from web.
    • 5. You're getting certificate errors: While exploring websites on your computer, if you're facing the certificate error than you must contact the administrator to provide you the required certificate.
    • 6. You're facing problem while connecting to a network: Use the troubleshoot option to get out of this problem that usually occur on the computer.

  • There can't be a generalized list of Windows problems. If you provide us with a problem area specifically, we can try offering solutions.However, I will try listing out some common problems and "could be" solutions. Please note that there is no hard rule that the solutions stated will solve your problems for sure. These are just the suggestions, and actual solution depends on ground analysis.

    Start up Too slow

  • Close down all programs at shut down.
  • Run scandisk and/or defragmentation.
  • CD/DVD won't eject

  • If you are burning CD/DVD , wait till it is over.
  • If burning is frozen, press CTRL+ALT+DEL, highlight the process and end it.
  • Manually restart the PC, press eject button and quickly take out CD/DVD, before Windows boots up.

  • Printer won't print

  • Make sure you have correct Printer enabled. You can check it from Print Manager windows which appears when select Print.
  • Uninstall the printer from your computer and restart PC, the printer should now work with correct drivers. If still it does not, reinstall printer with your printer installation CD. Please don't Uninstall your printer if you don't have Installation CD.

  • Running out of memory

  • Open Run and type cleanmgr. It will remove all unnecessary and temp files.
  • Use Duplicate Cleaner to delete your duplicate files. You can either move the files to recycle bin or to be safe, to some other folder.

  • Can't Uninstall a program

  • Use Revo Uninstaller. It is a really wonderful piece of software. I regularly use it to get rid of stubborn programs.
  • You can remove registry entries of deleted application with Revo Uninstaller.

  • As I said before, this is NOT an exhaustive list. Unless we get the correct problem area, we can't suggest a way to solve it.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Use the free pc optimizer software which help you to solve the system related issue easily. It is very secure and trusts able.

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