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  • Are you annoyed with the Google Adsense new payment structure in India?

    Here you can learn more about receiving payments for Google AdSense enabled websites

    As everyone know Google introduced new payment structure for its Adsesnse publishers. Earlier it was very easy to earn amount from Google as one need to enter their home address only. Google linked citibank with its payment structure and it was very easy to convert Google's blue cheque in to cash.

    But now Google will transfer the amount only through bank and now the process look a little more complicated.

    Government or RBI should have some policy towards this foreign transfer and many publishers are a little worry about the system.

    I request everyone to post more details on this issue.
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  • I think the new system of wire transfer to your bank account is much much better than the previous system. By transferring the money directly to my bank account, I as a publisher save a lot of time and effort.

    Earlier, delivery of cheques were dependant on Google's courier partners in India. Sometimes cheques were lost in transit thereby causing a lot of issues for bloggers/publishers.

    Now, after setting up my account details, I get payment credited to my account every month around the same date. No more waiting for cheques, no more depositing it, no more waiting for it to get cleared. Isn't is a more convenient way?

    There's nothing complicated about this system, there are plenty of resources available on this website that will help you setup your AdSense account with your bank account. Please use the search option and look for them.

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