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  • How to add code tag in Blogspot to insert code snippets in the posts

    Here you can learn how to use code tags in your blogger blog to insert code snippets

    I have blogspot/blogger blog and I am using Watermark theme. Now I want to add a code snippet in the middle of the post using ^code^ tag. But when I published the post, blogger is not recognising ^code^ tag in the preview mode. Can any blogspot expert solve my problem on using ^code^ tag in blogspot/blogger.
    The same tage is woking great in techulator like below :
    an example
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  • Hi i haven't understood your question clearly but,as far i understood i am answering it..In blogger we can add our own html code using <script> tag and close that with </script> tag.

    And the code in between these two tags will be considered as the HTML coding.Moreover,if you are trying to use php or .net then blogger won't support it.Use java script and html only.

    Hope i helped you.

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