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  • Offline Dictionary for my Android Smartphone

    Check out the best offline dictionary app for your Android. Find the details of the best English to English dictionary which can be used without the data connection.

    I'm Searching for an offline English to English dictionary for My Android Smartphone that can provide me the meaning of tough words in the absence of data connection. Share the name of best offline dictionary that can be Installed on any Android Device.
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  • Google Play Store is filled with a plethora of offline dictionaries. But most of them are not reliable, or have some catch in the form of in-app purchases. I would hereby list out three of the lot that have appealed to me.

    A word of caution- If you are searching other dictionary apps apart from these, don't go by big names like Oxford who claim them as offline, but end up asking for payments

    1. Dictionary- WordWeb

    • If you believe in purely FREE apps, this is your pick. No ads, everything is offline!
    • You can search for antonyms, synonyms, bookmarks and what not.
    • The app is updated regularly
    • Application size is about 20 MB and it also has support for being moved to SD card

    Once you download the app, it will optimise the database for your device and you are good to go. Your dictionary is ready to use.
    Some Best Features
    • Searching for a word is straightforward and simple.
    • The app gives feedback in real time as you type
    • Even if you mistype a word, the app suggests almost similar words- which is a best feature if you are unsure of the spelling
    • Allows you to add bookmarks of your favourite words

    Though the app is offline, if you want an extended search using Wiki or other references, you can do it through the app.

    2. Offline Dictionaries

    The Offline dictionaries is a multilingual dictionary app. Once you install the app, it will ask you download your optional dictionaries.
    Some Best Features

    • It is a multilingual dictionary with support for up to 50 languages
    • The app can speak out the word you type
    • You can download additional font support for foreign languages via the app

    The app carries adverts, but you can opt for paid app if you are satisfied with the free version.

    3. Merriam Webster Dictionary

    This is my favourite and the onlydictionary I have on my phone. The app needs you to be a person with high literacy level though.
    Some Best Features

    • When you type a word, you get a complete definition of the word along with origin, synonyms and examples
    • The app can speak out the proper pronunciation of the word - but you will need internet connection for this
    • A daily word section helps you explore a new word each day, but this again needs internet
    • The app is constantly updated

    The best part with this app is the fact that it is not just a word to word dictionary, but you will get an entire M-W database on your device.

    Live....and Let Live!

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