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    How to post a pdf file on my blog

    Here you can learn more about how to upload PDF files in your blog without using file upload sites

    I have a blog where I writes on Indian drama. I share a weekly synopsis every weekend. My subscribers are requesting the weekly synopsis as a PDF file. So Please share the procedure on posting any PDF directly in the blog without uploading into any file sharing websites like ziddu etc.
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  • We can easily insert PDF files in blogger using Google drive. Therefore the first and foremost thing is to have a valid Gmail account so that you can upload the file with admin power.

    How to upload PDF files in blogger

    After signing in to Google drive (, you need to upload the particular PDF files for your Indian Drama blog from the PC. You need to select the option of "File" while uploading the files and click on the PDF files in your PC. Your Google drive should start uploading the file and it may take some time depending upon the size of the PDF file.

    Once the upload complete you need to give permission to the file as "public" by clicking the share option. Then, save the file and the 80% of the job has been done.

    After saving the file go to File - Embedded this PDF file option. You will get the embedded code of the particular PDF file and now you are ready to post it in your personal blog. After saving the document you will able to see the pdf file in your blog.

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