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    Google Adsense and Flipkart Affiliate Ads on same page of website?

    Want to add revenue ads to your website? Find out how to put revenue ads on websites and if you can put Google Adsense and Flipkart ads together on a single webpage.

    Can we use Google Adsense Ads with Flipkart Affiliate Ads on same page of our website? As I have seen many websites using Flipkart Affiliate Ads alone. I have seen Ad banner of Flipkart Affiliate network which is available in same format and size as we have Adsense Ads banners. Using both adsense and flipkart banners on same page of website, Will it violate the T & C of Adsense? Please explain the maximum number of banner of flipkart we can implement on single page and details?
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  • No, Google doesn't care about other ads and hasn't quoted any rules about ads from other network. You can fill your whole page with Flipkart ads, but think you need visitors. If you use too much of ads users might think that your site has no content. Use any number of ads but make sure that it doesn't affect your content readability. Your website should be equally stabilized with ads and content. Best example is Facebook. You can see lots of ads in the right corner but it doesn't affect your comments and profile view.

  • Yes, you can use the Flipkart affiliate program along with Google adsense. But remember that while for adsense, you get paid when visitors click on the ads shown on your website, the same is not the case with affiliate programs. When visitors click on the affiliate ads and go to their website, you get paid only if the visitor buys some product from the website.

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    Yes you can use Flipkart ads on the same page where you are showing Google ads. Google doesn't care of any other publishing ads. but keep in mind If you post copy content in your blog or website then Google take action against your So please be careful and protect your Google Adsense account. Please make your blog and website very attractive and bring high traffic of your visitor ten you can Increase your revenues.

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  • Yes, We can have both the Adsense and Flipkart affiliate in same website/blog. Not only Flipkart, you can have any affiliate and adsense in same blog. So there is no issue in it.

    Flipkart ads and Adsense ads can be kept together but see to that you keep your ads according to your T&C of Google Adsense.

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