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  • PC software for Sony Camera

    Check out the best PC software for your Sony camera that lets you to broadcast the video feed directly onto the PC screen.

    Is there a PC software that lets you broadcast the video feed directly onto the PC screen?

    I have a Sony camera, an HDMI to mini HDMI cable that I can connect to an LCD TV and see the broadcast live via the HDMI output on the TV. Is there something similar for a PC?
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  • Yes. You can use the device "TV Tuner Card " in your PC or there is one device called TV Tuner combo device. You can watch TV and use your PC at a time with the TV combo device.

  • Hello,
    Now in this world there is nothing that computer cannot do.
    Yes, you can broadcast your live streaming on your PC by Sony camera.
    You can connect your Sony camera in two ways:
    The first one is the simple one in which you connect your Sony camera as a card reader. All you have to do is connecting a cable to camera and turn it on and select option "memory" or "playback" mode.
    The second way to connect your camera is video stream. You can stream video from the Sony handcam to your PC though USB port.
    But keep in mind that the video quality will be worse.
    To do video streaming you must download drivers of your handycam that can be easily found on
    Then after installing drivers,
    Open device manager, check that the drivers are installed correctly.
    Then you can enjoy your video streaming on your PC/laptop.
    I hope this information is helpful for you.

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