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    What is Google Project Zero?

    Are you looking for detailed information on Google Project Zero project? Follow this thread to learn more about it and how it works.

    I'm hearing a lot of buzz about the Google Project Zero project. What is this all about? Is it a secret project? I can't find much information about it in Google or anywhere else.

    Can anybody answer some questions for me?

    1. What is Google Project Zero program?

    2. When was it started?

    3. What are the goals of this program?

    4. Which is the official website of Project Zero?

    5. Where can I find detailed information about this?
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  • Project Zero is a project by Google, started on July 15, 2014 to make the web safer.

    As we all know, using the internet has a lot of risks. Hackers can take advantage of bugs in your computer software and exploit various vulnerabilities to steal data and do other harm to you and your data.

    Google does its own research to make the Google products safer and eliminate bugs. During this research, Google extensively test other products like Windows, iOS, Linux etc. Now the company has formed a separate research team to identify such vulnerabilities in various third party software and report it to the vendor. Bugs are reported to the vendor directly and will be published only after the vendor fix the bug or fail to fix the problem in a reasonable amount of time.

    This whole initiative of Google is called "Project Zero".

  • Project Zero is the new security scheme from Google. It is a research group that analyses security lapses or loopholes in the software products by Google.
    Though Google has not provided much public information on Project Zero, the core research team is involved in identifying security issues in Mac, Windows and Apple & to share this info with the concerned firms for rectification.
    It aims at providing Web services without the fear of some anti social elements exploiting security loopholes to invade your system. The objective is to minimize the threats. Every bug discovered would be filed in a database and proper report which will be undertaken by the concerned vendors. The team will work with these vendors to provide fixes to end users in an efficient manner.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Project Zero is a Project started by Google that mainly focus to provide safe internet to us. We are aware that we work under a lot of risk when we are connected to internet. The Project Zero is established to identify the loopholes in the software and then then the main concern will be to fix the loopholes so that we can use internet without worrying. We can simply refer this a security research by Google. you can get more about project zero by googleprojectzero's blogspot.

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