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    How to connect my audio device in Skype

    Looking for a solution to enable microphone when using Skype? Learn more about configuring settings in Skype to enable microphone

    I am facing problem with connecting my audio microphone with Skype. My personal computer is configured with Windows 7. My camera is working in Skype, but cannot able to chat through microphone. I strongly believe that my Skype setting are working perfect, but having problem with my connectivity. How to connect it properly? How to connect the audio jacks of microphone to my computer for Skype?
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  • I suggest checking and ruling out issues one by one.

    1. Firstly check to see if your mic is working properly. Use it on another device like a mobile phone or another PC to see if it works. If it works, move on to the second step.

    2. Secondly, check to see if your PC does not have an issue with the microphone port. Also check the microphone settings under Volume. If its mute or disabled, enable it. Also check the 'Device Manager' and see if you have proper drivers installed for audio and microphone. If all's well, move to the third step.

    3. Connect the mic to the PC and log onto Skype. Go to Tools - Options.
    Under Options, click the Audio Settings tab on the left. Now talk using the microphone and see if the green bar under the Microphone volume moves up and down. If it does, then everything seems right. If it does not, move on to the next step.

    4. It may be possible that you may have more than one microphone attached to the PC. There maybe one inbuilt and an external mic connected. Under the Advanced tab on the same screen, select the primary microphone. If this works, great. If it does not, move onto the next step.

    5. Skype lets you make a free test Skype call. Use that. This call lets you check your audio and microphone settings. When prompted, record an audio sample using your mic and see if it is played back. If it still doesn't play back, only GOD can help you :-)

    I have tried my best to think of all the possible problems and their solutions. I hope one of the above options solve your issue. Please revert back and do let us know how was it solved.

  • You should connect the mic to the proper slot and if you're facing problems while connecting the mic you can read the graphics that are provided above each slot and then try to connect the mic to that slot where the image of mic is printed.

    The best would be to use the headphone in which there are two pins provided to insert into the computer. Among the two pins one works for the audio and the other works as the mic.

    First you should try to connect mic to PC for that you should follow the steps given below:-

    1. To connect mic to PC there are two options. The first option is to connect to the jacks that are provided in front of the PC and second option is to connect to the jacks provided in the back of the PC.

    2. If you don't know or you're not sure where's the jack of mic is located in your CPU then go to control panel.

    3. Go to sound.

    4. Go to recording.

    5. Check the number of icons for microphone. The number of icons shows that how many jacks are provided in your computer to plug in the mic to the CPU.

    6. Let suppose it's two as in my computer after that double click on the first to know the jack information and you'll see the position mentioned as front panel or back panel.

    7. Try to insert the mic to your PC while staying in the recording.

    8. As you'll insert the mic you'll see the green tick on the mic symbol. This tick indicates that the mic has been plugged in. Then try to speak in the mic while keeping the eyes on the levels. If the level given beside the microphone shows fluctuation then it's sure that you're mic is working and there's only problem with the Skype settings.

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