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    How to send Whatsapp messages from my website?

    Do you want to send Whatsapp messages from your blog or website? Want to learn how to programmatically send messages to Whatsapp recipients? Follow this thread to learn your options.

    I'm running a subscriber based website where only a limited number of members are participating. I would like to send them regular updates through Whatsapp. How can I send out messages from the website to the Whatsapp recipients? Are there any official Whatsapp APIs that I can use.

    I don't mind paying some subscription fee for this service. So, please suggest me the best ways.
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  • WhatsApp had promised to come up with a PC version, but somehow it is still not ready yet. There is a method though which allows you to use it on your PC.
    Let me explain the details -

    1. You need an android emulator app. There are plenty of them for your PC. One of them is BlueStacks App Player. Download it.
    2. Install BlueStacks App Player. Bring it to windowed mode from full screen by clicking diagonal icon on top right.
    3. Keep the app running, open your browser and download WhatsApp apk file.
    4. Double click the apk file, it will install in BlueStacks app player.
    5. Open BlueStacks and launch WhatsApp from within it.
    6. Enter your phone number and verify.
    7. Wait till WhatsApp tries to verify your number using SMS and fails.
    8. You will receive an option for voice verification. Accept and click Call Me.
    9. You will get a voice call with verification code.
    10. Enter it in WhatsApp on BlueStacks. You are done.

    This method has the following limitations:

    • None of existing contacts or groups will be available in this method.
    • If you plan to use it on your PC as well as on your phone, think twice. It is not possible. One number can be associated with only one device at a time.
    • You cannot switch between your phone and PC instantly. There is a delay of 20 minutes between the two verifications.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • There is no way to send directly WhatsApp message from your site. For this you have to download Bluestacks on your computer. This software will let you install and run any .apk app on your computer. Not only WhatsApp, hike messenger etc are also supported.Download the app from official website of Bluestacks. Install the application on your computer and and after that a apps section get added to your Windows library of the computer. Run the .apk application of on your computer and install it. Create your account with the number you want to share with your employees. Note that you can't make two WhatsApp accounts from the same number. Then open the Bluestacks and add the contact number of employees one by one after that create a group so that you can message all of them at once. All process described above enable you to send WhatsApp message to your employees.

  • Currently there is no official Whatsapp client available to send messages from PC. So, you need to use some other tricks to use Whatsapp on your computer. Below are two such ways to use Whatsapp on PC by which you can send messages to your subscribers.
    Using Whatsapp on PC using Andy emulator :
    1. First download Andy emulator from its official website. Andy is a 100% free Android emulator for PC but a premium version is also available for $19 with few added features.
    2. Install Andy on your computer by following some simple steps.
    3. Now open Andy and you will see its interface is very similar to Android Jellybean OS. Yes, Andy creates a virtual Android Jellybean like environment on your computer.
    4. Now within the Andy emulator, you will see Google's Playstore. Now search Whatsapp using Playstore and install it in the Andy. The process is just like installing Whatsapp on an Android smartphone.
    5. Then login into Whatsapp using your Id and password. Now you can use Whatsapp on your PC via Andy emulator and can send messages to your subscribers.
    Using Whatsapp on PC using Bluestacks emulator :
    1. First download Bluestacks Android emulator for PC from its official website.
    2. Then install Bluestacks and open it on your computer.
    3. Now download Whatsapp.apk on your computer.
    4. Then double click on Whatsapp.apk file. It will automatically open in Bluestacks players.
    5. Then login in Whatsapp using your Id and password. Thats all now you can use Whatsapp on PC. Now your send messages to your subscribers through Whatsapp from your computer.
    I recommend you to use Andy emulator because system requirements of Bluestacks emulator are very high. And you can't run Bluestacks if you are using Bitdefender Antivirus.

  • Well, in addition to what I have posted above, WhatsApp has officially launched its web version. Here is how you can access it on your PC -
    1. Visit from your Google Chrome browser.
    2. You will see a QR code - scan it from within WhatsApp.
    3. That's done! Your phone's WhatsApp account is now paired with the Web client.

    There are some downsides too -
    1. This is just an extension of your WhatsApp on phone.
    2. It is supported only on Chrome as of now. Other browsers will be supported soon.
    3. Your phone needs to stay connected to Internet while you use the Web client.
    4. Currently it has only been launched for android. iOS support will not come as of now due to Apple limitations.
    I am yet to try it which I couldn't do as my broadband is down.

    Live....and Let Live!

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