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    How to move YouTube videos from one channel to another?

    Do you want to move videos from one YouTube channel to another without losing the comments? Learn what are your options to safely move the videos with the least impact.

    I have a video in my old YouTube channel which was uploaded few years ago. It has got good views and comments. I would like to move this video to another new channel I recently created. One option is to download the video, upload to new channel and delete the old one. But I will lose all the views and comments I received. Also, I am afraid about YouTube marking my video as reproduced.

    Is there an official way to move Videos from one YouTube channel to another, without causing any issues from Google and without losing the comments?
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  • Ideally, this is not possible. You have to delete the video from the older channel and upload it to another. If you don't want to kill the existing link, follow these steps-

    1. Upload the video to new channel.
    2. Use YouTube annotation to black out current video, by adding a text like "This video has been moved here" and link this annotation to the new video.

    However, this has some disadvantages-

    1. Please note that this is not an ideal solution to your issue, but a work around.
    2. You will lose the YouTube ranking of your video.
    3. You will lose comments and views.

    There is absolutely no other way than this as it is NOT allowed by YouTube to transfer videos between channels. This is officially confirmed by YouTube.

    Live....and Let Live!

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