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    Should I rely on a free blog for earning or start a new domain?

    Are you planning to start earning online? Read this post to know whether you should start with a free blog or a self-owned website.

    I have few blogs and earn through Google Adsense program. But I want to earn more money from the programs other than the Google Adsense. My blogs are free type opened using blogger. My question is whether should I open a domain for earning more money?
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  • Having an easy to remember domain will most definitely increase the amount of returning visitors on your blog. It will make your blog more accessible than before. However, the chances of earning more solely by having a custom domain aren't too much in my opinion. That does not mean that you should not have a custom domain, I would definitely suggest you to buy and setup one for your blog. Along with it, I would also suggest you to work on the its SEO and the overall quality of the content you offer.

  • There's a lot of difference between free blogging and starting a domain. One is free of cost in which you get a complicated name as your website name whereas in the paid domain you can choose any name within the currently available domain name. The customer service support while using the free blogging service can't be availed and if you get stucked in something you've to reach to experts. This is not the same in case of having a paid domain because in that you get the support of customer service. Free blogging websites not provides enough memory space whereas you can increase the memory space or decide the amount of memory space you need when you buy a paid domain. The free blogging websites also doesn't provide you any control on the ads being displayed on your website but while having a paid domain you've some control on the ads that get displayed on your website.

  • From my blogging experience over the past few years, I learnt a lot from my mistakes. According to me, you should first build a high quality blogspot blog. Add some unique contents to it and use appropriate SEO. When your free blog starts to gain some adequate and stable organic traffic, then you should consider buying a domain name and appropriate hosting plans for it. Always select a short and easy to remember domain. And remember do not ever start a free blog at WordPress as they give very little space to the freebies. And its not like starting a .com website would guarantee you adequate wealth. I have seen some free blogs which outshines such .com websites. So, earning through blogging completely depends on how you write for your audience and what uniqueness your content provides as compared to the similar niche sites. Moreover, it would take certain time, maybe 2 months or 2 years or more to gain a stable organic traffic which completely depends on your content (both qualitative as well as quantitative). So, don't get disappointed by seeing such shallow traffic and very thin earnings. Just keep on writing good content and one day your blog will be at its utmost strength. Moreover, use a combination of Google ads, in-text ads and affiliate marketing to earn a good amount from your blog.

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