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    Easy way to merge video and audio?

    Are you looking for video and audio mixing software to work in Linux or Windows platform. You can find more about audio and video merging tools here

    I have a video, which is a screencast of my Linux desktop and recorded voice using my mobile. Now I need to merge video and audio. Is there any easy way to do it? I tried many online video editing tools but no luck. Is there any known website to you where I can do this stuff?
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  • There are plenty of paid video editing softwares (Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro) out there that would let you merge an audio file to a video. However, if you are looking for a free software that'll let you edit these 2 files together, I would suggest you to use the 'Movie Maker' program that comes pre-installed in most versions of Microsoft Windows.

    Even if it isn't installed on your Windows version, you can download it freely from and use it for free.

  • There're abundant of softwares scrawling on the web that can do this free of cost to you. The best thing of the online sites are that they provide you a excellent user interface so that any user can do this work using the online sites.
    The name of the sites that can do your task are:-
    1. Mediacope
    2. Audiojoiner

    The sites provides a descriptive help to do this task. You should read first the whole instruction and then prompt for audio and video mixing.

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