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    How to get quality videos on Samsung Galaxy S3?

    Here you can learn more about Samsung Galaxy S3 and configuring different settings including camera to set image and video quality

    Though I have been getting good quality images on my Samsung Galaxy S3, I am not getting satisfactory video clips. The videos shot on it appear slightly grainy. Are there any settings needed to get better videos? Can any expert shed some light on how to get better videos?
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  • No matter how good a cellphone camera is, you won't get good quality videos until you increase the amount of ambient light around the subject. To be able to get better videos out of any decent camera, you need to include better lighting.

    You can buy numerous lighting setups for your video recordings, but the best source of good lighting is the Sun. I would suggest you to record a few sample videos on the subject outside, in the Sun and let us know if the video quality is upto your requirement.

    Even under the Sun, you would need to make sure you are following the basic photography techniques, like avoiding backlight, using angles to improve lighting on the subject and avoiding harsh afternoon sunlight by using filters etc. Also, please do not use after-market camera apps from the Play Store and use the default camera app on the cellphone to get the best out of it. You can always post process the video (if you need to) using a video editor.

    All the above assuming, you've kept the phone's video recording parameters to the maximum possible settings. Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with one of the best produced cameras out there and is capable of recording full HD 1080p videos at 30fps. I suggest making full use of its 8 MP camera by applying the suggestions above.

  • If you want the best video from your smartphone camera then you have to take care a lot like a professional video grapher and then only you can get the best out of your smartphone camera. When you shoot try to stabilize your phone camera so that the captured video don't have blurred type of graphics. The second thing is that you must place the object that is being captured in the video at the centre as at the centre position the quality of the video is great compared to the corners. If possible then never use the zoom feature of your phone as zooming decreases the video quality of your phone. The most important thing is if you're shooting indoor then make proper light arrangements that focus your object whereas if you're shooting outdoor then use the bright sun light while shooting. Choose daytime for shooting video outdoor ad you're camera's flash in not powerful enough to light the every object available within the frame while you're outdoor.

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