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    Which is the best Android Music Player ?

    Are you looking for a Android music player in Google Play and other App stores? You can find more about Android music players here as well as about various Android devices with music players available

    There are many Android Music Players are present in the Google Play Store or in any other app store. But in terms of User Interface, Music Search, Equalizer Presets and Sound Control which are the top music players to get the best audio experience on any android device ?
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  • The way we used to listen to music has changed a lot over the years. Smartphones which have become our constant partners have now also become our portable music players as well. There are a multitude of Music players for Android. A few of them include:

    Besides being a simple and seamless way of syncing music between iTunes and Android, DOUBLETWIST is also a fine Music Player. Basic player is free, but you have a choice of in-app purchases to unlock the full power of the app. It has a good visual appeal, a graphic equalizer, high quality album artwork and an equally good "WHAT'S NEXT" list.

    This is one app you need to take a serious look at. It is available at a 15 day free trial.It has big album artwork and some great customizations. With a bunch of file types supported, gaffles and much more, Poweramp is really one of the best apps out there.

    Though it cant be treated as MUSIC PLAYER , it is one that cannot be overlooked either. It has no customization and power features, yet it offers you a huge cloud library of your music. Having your music on cloud means you can take your music with you anywhere,on any device.


    Though unheard of, it is quite worthy of being in this list.It has lots of customizations and settings, yet lightweight. It has sleep timer, equalizer and a bunch of themes.


    As the name itself indicates, it has a decent equalizer. The plus point is the great 5 band equalizer ,but it is a pretty solid music player as well.

    Now , head over and decide about your choice. However, it is important that PlayStore can offer much bigger list of some great music players. This is NOT exhaustive list.

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  • There are many music players available for Android but I will suggest you some of the best music players for Android. Go through the details given below to know the best music players for Android.

    • Poweramp: It is considered as the best music player available for Android. Users can customize this app with different themes as per their liking or desire to look it better for them. It provides a ten-band equalizer to the users for help to tweak your sound output. It is compatible with many different audio formats so that users can play mostly all the audios.

    • Rocket Player: It gives a bunch of options to play around with in an ad-free environment so that it can have more and more users. It is also considered as a good music player for Android but it is not better than the other two players mentioned.

    • PlayerPro: It comes with many different skins, themes, and extensions so that users can use it with this player to help their customize experience so that it can have more and more users. It is also an awesome music player available for Android as Rocket Player is. It has a scrobbling feature in it.

    You can get any of the music player from the list mentioned above as they all are just awesome.


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  • There are so many music player that are available for Android smartphones but among all those Google Play music keeps itself at the front with the feature that are lacked in many downloaded music players.

    Google Play Music- Google Play Music can be declared as the best Android music player as it has equalizer settings, search option. It also helps to sort the music files according to genres , artists , albums etc.

    PlayerPro Music Player Trial- This players has a powerful equalizer that will lest you hear the best from your device. This is not a free software. You've to purchase it if you like it after using it's trial version which is available for 10 days.

    N7 player Music Player- This is a advanced music player having 10 band equalizer settings with separate bass & treble. The best part of is that it supports a lot of audio formats .

  • Some smartphones may not be able to play HD videos at all! So, I have come up with my list of best free Android music player for your convenience:

    1. jetAudio Music Player: This player is available free of cost and comes with a dozen of features!
    2. Poweramp Music Player: This player is fully customizable and loaded with tons of features. For suiting your listening style, you can even try out different bass and treble adjustments.
    3. PlayerPro Music Player: It comes with many tuning features just like Poweramp Music Player. In addition, there are 20 free skins available for this player to suit it best according to your style.
    4. Fusion Music Player: It works best with all music. And the plus point of this player is that it doesn't show up any ads.
    5. Winamp: Winamp is another great music player for your convenience. It also has many features but the most cool feature of this is that it allows you to sync wirelessly with your Mac and PC.

    So, these 5 Android music player can provide you unique music experience. And if you are a music lover then you should at least give them a try!

  • Here is a list of some good Music Players for Android :

    1. n7player Music Player.
    2. doubleTwist Music Player.
    3. Equalizer music player booster.
    4. Google Play Music.
    5. jetAudio Music Player.
    6. Neutron Music Player.
    7. PlayerPro Music Player.
    8. Poweramp.
    9. Rocket Music Player.
    10. Shuttle+ Music Player.

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