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    IFrame not working in Blogger dynamic template

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    I have a blog hosted in blogspot with dynamic template. I tried using iFrame tag in HTML tab and it turns out it is not working. I tried the same HTML tag in Blogger simple template and it worked. How to use iFrame in Blogger blogspot dynamic template? I need to use the iFrame tag for affiliate content. Answers will be appreciated.
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  • I just tried a sample iframe code on a blogger post made under the Dynamic Views template and it worked absolutely fine! Please let me know what code are you exactly trying to post on your blog, in order to understand the issue better.

    If possible, please include your blog address as well.

  • It works on blogger..I tried it and it worked.
    Just follow simple html coding like

    Use that iframe and it worked for me.Same source code will work for you,If it doesn't work just ping me i will answer you..

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