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    How to open saved wepages in offline mode in my phone

    Do you want to open your saved web pages in offline mode in your phone? Learn the best methods to save webpages offline in the smartphones and view later without internet connection.

    When I saved any page on my mobile opera browser and open again, saved pages are opened in offline mode but when i saved bookmark pages they opened in online mode. They will not be opened if there is no internet. Why is it happening? How can I open my bookmarked web pages in offline mode?
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  • Bookmarking in browsers mean saving a shortcut to the page and not saving an actual copy of it. That is why Bookmarks will always need internet connection to open the page.

  • We use short cut control D to create a bookmark of any website . It helps to access page directly but you need internet connect to open your bookmarked page.

  • When we save a webpage in Opera Mini, then the webpage gets downloaded in our phone memory in the form of .obml file. It is a file extension for Opera Mini browser similar to HTML. Thats why we can read that webpage offline.

    But when we bookmark a webpage, Opera Mini or any other browser only creates a shortcut link to the original webpage. So whenever we click on a bookmark link, it gets connected to the internet.

  • When you create a bookmark in any browser - not only in Opera Mini - you are just creating a shortcut to the said webpage. This is done to facilitate in going back to this webpage easily. You will not need to remember the complete URL of the webpage. The webpage is not saved to your phone or PC memory.

    While you save a page for offline viewing, you are saving the complete webpage, so that you can go through the contents of it offline. In case of Opera Mini the webpage is saved to your phone memory in the form of a .obml file.

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  • Jaiveerdeep, the saved pages can be opened in the offline mode as its database is saved in your phone and the next time when you open it you won't need any internet connection. This is because your browser just finds that file saved in your computer and opens it quickly without the need of any internet connection. But when you save a bookmark of any page, the phone just saves that link in the browser and hence no file is saved. So the next time when you open that page or link, an internet connection is required to open that link because there is no database saved in the phone. So for saving the page in your phone, you should use the steps given below:

    1. Download Opera mini browser in your phone as it uses very less data and saves pages quickly without the need of any extension.

    2. Open Opera mini after the installation is complete. And open any of the site which you want to save.

    3. If you are using an Android phone then click on the top left corner and click on save page and click on the fist text which will be with a plus sign. If you are using a Symbian phone than just click the options button and directly select save page button.

    Hope this would help you solve your problem.

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