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    Smart glasses from ODG chasing Google Goggles?

    Looking for informations about ODG Smart Glass? Here you can find specifications, comparisons about ODG glass

    As technology grows, competition too grows on the market. As such, Google is getting one more competitor for its Smart glass (Google glass) from Osterhout Design Group. ODG has announced that it will release Smart glasses meeting trend and style, possibly chasing Google Glass. The ODG glass looks different than Google one and it looks as same as Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. What is the comparison between these two (ODG glass vs Google glass)?

    I would also like to know other features, specs and price of Osterhout Design Group Smart glass.
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  • Yes we can call that the smart glasses from ODG are really chasing the Google Glass. The main reason for this can be the design of ODG glass as well as a good battery backup. The Google glass has one screen located just at the top right corner of the right eye but ODG has provided two screen i.e. one for each eye. Moreover ODG has provided Android operating system in its glass with Snapdragon 805 processor. The operating system can be upgraded to Android Lollipop as declared by ODG. The inbuilt device in the glass supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a camera with auto Focus. If you're using it truly and the battery goes down then you can charge it using a cable that is connected with a portable battery. Overall the ODG glass has left the Google glass behind with the new features.

    Just by observing we can assume that Google glass were light compared to the ODG glasses but the weight was not balanced in that device as the overall setup was located on the right opposite to that ODG has placed all the hardware on the frame.

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