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    LG 34UM67 - 34 inch Quad HD IPS monitor detail

    Looking for LG 34UM67 34inch Quad HD IPS Monitor? Here you can find reviews, specifications, price of this monitor

    As per latest technology news around, LG has recently released its 34 inch Quad HD IPS monitor LG 34UM67 which can be interesting to the Desktop users and live Television users who are seeking Monitors with advanced technology and also to gamers who are looking for the most sophisticated Monitor. I would like to know what is the price of LG 34UM67 Quad HD IPS monitor and what are the best deals available online? Kindly assist.
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  • LG is unveiling its expanded line-up of products at the CES 2015 beginning 6th Jan., 2015.Notable among them is LG 34UM67 Monitor.

    Salient features of this new offering from LG include

    1.AMD's FreeSync technology

    This is the company's first 21:9 monitor developed for graphic intensive gaming.It has a provision for avoiding screen tearing which happens when monitor and graphic card are out of sync with the help of Freesync technology from AMD.

    2.Clear definition of black areas
    It has black stabilizer illuminates dark scenes and helps to clearly define deep black areas.

    3.Dynamic Action Sync

    The monitor has Dynamic Action Sync Mode which minimizes input lag thereby making the gameplay real time.

    4.Real Time Gaming Experience

    AMD's FreeSync guarantees smooth and seamless gaming experience by generating fluid motion without any loss of frame rate.

    There is no further info available at this time since the monitor is expected to be unveiled at the CES and any deals or offers will only be available after the official launch.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • No pricing has yet been announced. Actually, this monitor has not yet been released in the market. It has only been announced by LG and is currently on display at CES 2015.

  • LG has only announced a curved 34 inch television having a resolution of 3440x1440. They had used AMD FreeSync Technology in the Monitor. The LG group had focused mainly on the gamers to provide them the best graphics with the best resolution.

    They had not announced the price of the monitor but as soon they announce we'll add that as response to your question.

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