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    Suggest a choice between Honda Dream Yuga and Dream Neo bike.

    Looking for a Honda bike that offers value for money and durability? Here you can read more about various choices available including Honda Dream Yuga and Honda Dream Neo

    I am going to purchase a bike in this month, but slightly confused between Honda Dream Yuga and Honda Dream Neo bikes. They are almost the same in comparison. Honda Dream Neo saves few bucks. Please suggest the best one among these two.

    I am also open to other brands provided they are better choice and suits my criteria which are low price and durability. Please help me to finalize my purchase decision

    Thanks and Regards,
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  • Honda Dream Yuga and Dream Neo, both the bikes are part of Honda Dream Series. If you look the both bikes without going to the specification then you'll fell that there's not so much difference between the bikes. The specifications of the both bike are also similar at a great extent. According to my view you should go for Honda Dream if you're confused about which one to buy between the two bikes, as Honda Dream Yuga is a bit powerful than Honda Dream Neo.

    Honda Dream Neo provides more mileage than Honda Dream Yuga as the torque generated by Honda Neo is less than that of Honda Dream Yuga. One more reason of more mileage and the weight difference. Honda Dream Neo is slightly lighter than Honda Dream Yuga. If you stay in a area, where you face a lot of bumps while traveling on the road, then you can buy Honda Dream Neo as the ground clearance of Honda Dream Yuga is more than Honda Dream Yuga.

    Comparison of Honda Dream Yuga vs Honda Dream Neo

    Honda Dream Neo and Dream Yuga has the same engine displacement of 109 cc which is air cooled. The both bikes had the four stroke engine.
    Honda Dream Yuga produce a maximum power of 8.5 BHP@7500 which is slightly greater than the torque produced by Dream Neo.
    The Maximum torque produced by Dream Yuga i.e. 8.91 Nm@5500 rpm is also greater than that of Dream Neo which is 8.63 Nm @5500 rpm.
    This is the reason why I'm suggesting you to go for Honda Dream Yuga.

    Ignition System-
    The both bike are available with kick start and Electric Start.

    Honda dream Yuga (2022 m) has more length than Dream Neo (2009 mm) but the width of Dream Neo (737mm) is greater than Dream Yuga (733 mm).
    The ground clearance of Honda Dream Neo(179 mm) is greater than Honda Dream Yuga(161mm).

    Fuel Tank Capacity-
    Honda Dream Neo and the Dream Yuga has same fuel tank capacity of 8 L.

    Honda Dream Yuga produce less Kmpl as compared to that of compared Dream Neo. If you want mileage then Honda Dream Neo should be your choice.

    Honda Dream Yuga is costlier than Honda Dream Neo.

    Honda Dream Yuga- Rs 48325 (Ex-Showroom Price of Self-Drum-Alloy)

    Honda Dream Neo- Rs 46464 (Ex-Showroom Price of Self-Drum-Alloy)

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