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    Buying a new diesel bike in India

    Are you looking for diesel Motorcycles in India? Here you can find available bike models, specifications, price and various other features like fuel efficiency, brake horsepower etc

    I want to buy a new bike and my budget is around 80,000. But, I wonder why people are buying petrol Motorcycles even though the petrol price are hiked every quarter. I was thinking, why not try a diesel bike this time? So, pour me all your suggestions to buy a bike available in Indian market.
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  • If you can increase your budget to 1 lakh than I would like to suggest you with the best diesel bike near Rs.1 lakh and that is mentioned below:

    Hero RNT
    I would like to suggest you to buy this awesome diesel bike if you are in a budget to buy this. It is also considered as the first diesel scooter of 150cc. You can get this awesome diesel bike in Rs. 1 lakh. It also has many other awesome and interesting features in it.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

  • Hero RNT is the only diesel bike that suits according to your requirements. The bike has not been launched but it was unveiled at the 2014 auto Expo. The bike is expected to available to the customers around April 2015 within a price limit of Rs 65,000 to Rs 80,000.

    The bike has awesome features such as it has a detachable headlights that can provide you light to the object you want. The bike can be used a power source or a generator. This can be said great as you're getting a bike as well as a portable generator in the same price. The bike has 150 cc Diesel engine which is cooled using liquid. The bike can offer you two wheel drive by the help of electric motor located in the front. The bike can be termed as multipurpose bike with efficient diesel engine.

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