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    Best and lowest priced rice cookers in India

    Are you looking for Rice cookers? You can find features, price and various brands available

    I would like to know which are the best and the lowest priced rice cookers in India. Please suggest the brands and model numbers.
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  • There are many rice cookers available in India but I will suggest you with some of the best from them which you can get easily and in a cheap price and some of them are mentioned below:

    • Euroline ELRC-10DXS 1L (Rs. 755).
    • Euroline ELRC - 18DX 1.8 L (Rs. 989).
    • Baltra BTC-101 Glair Electric Cooker (Rs. 690).
    • Bajaj RCX 5 Automatic Electric Cooker (Rs. 1,300).

    You can get any of the product mentioned above as they all are just awesome and they all are also considered as the best rice cookers under the category you mentioned. You can buy any of them from various online mega stores.


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  • The pressure cookers from the Hawkins, prestige, pigeon etc. are considered the best for buying pressure cookers. The price of the cooker depend on the capacity of the cooker. The more the capacity of the cooker the more the price will be. I'm sorting up some 5 L cookers for you and if you want the cooker with less or more size then you can surf on the internet.

    1.Hawkins Miss Mary Aluminium Pressure Cooker, 5 Litres
    Price is Rs 1140 on Amazon.

    2.Prestige Popular pressure cooker 5 Litre
    Price is Rs 1290 on Flipkart.

    3.Pigeon Aluminuium Pressure Cooker 5 L
    Price is Rs 1095 on Flipkart.

  • Best Low Priced Panasonic Rice Cookers:
    • Panasonic SR-Y18FHS 1.8 L Automatic Rice, Price: Rs. 3240
    • Panasonic SR WA 22 FHS Electric Cooker, Price: Rs. 2281
    • Panasonic SRWA18 Automatic Cooker, Price: Rs. 2099
    • Panasonic SR WA 22 Electric Cooker, Price: Rs. 1499
    • Panasonic SRWA18 Automatic Cooker, Price: Rs. 2099

    Best Low Priced Bajaj Rice Cookers:
    • Bajaj RCX7 Multifunction Electric Cooker, Price: Rs. 2199
    • Bajaj Majesty RCX28 Rice Cooker, Price: Rs. 2445
    • Bajaj RCX 5 Automatic Electric Cooker, Price: Rs. 1550

    Best Low Priced Philips Rice Cookers:
    • Philips HD 3042 Rice Cooker, Price: Rs. 2280
    • Philips HD3018/01 1.8 L Rice Cooker, Price: Rs. 2585
    • Philips HD4711/60 Electric Cooker, Price: Rs. 1729
    • Philips HD3043/00 1.8L Rice Cooker, Price: Rs. 1910

    Best Low Priced Prestige Rice Cookers:
    • Prestige PRWC 1.0L Rice Cooker, Price: Rs. 1500
    • Prestige PRWO 0.6 – 2.0 Electric Cooker, Price: Rs. 1709
    • Prestige PRGO 0.6-2 Electric Cooker, Price: Rs. 1689
    • Prestige PRWO 2.2L Electric Cooker, Price: Rs. 2430
    • Prestige PPRHO V2 1.5 L Electric Cooker, Price: Rs. 2665
    • Prestige PRWCS 2.2 Electric Cooker, Price: Rs. 2699

    Also, have a look at:

    Pigeon Joy SDX Double 1.8L Rice Cooker, Price: Rs. 2242

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