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    C/ C++ Compiler IDE for 64bit Windows 8 Original?

    Are you looking for a C/C++ compiler and IDE for 64 bit Windows 8? Here you can find various IDEs available that supports Borland C/C++ libraries also

    I have one laptop with original windows 8 64bit Operating System. And I want to do C & C++ programming on that. I've installed Dev C++ v5.8 but that does not support most of the older C libraries like graphics.h,bios.h etc.

    And the Turbo C++ 4.5 (which I used earlier on my windows 7 32bit laptop) is not installing on this 64bit laptop.

    Please give me suggestions on how I can do my job on this 64 bit machine. I don't want to install virtual machine type of softwares like VMware.
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  • There are many options like Microsoft Visual Studio, Open source IDE's like Eclipse, Netbeans, Dev C++ etc. I will suggest not to use old and outdated Borland C/C++ compilers (Turbo C etc) instead, try to create your codes using gcc compiler. Use notepad to write codes and save with the appropriate extension and use gcc to compile the code to create a executable file. gcc contains compilers for C and C++. I liked using Gnu/Linux for coding as it has all the developmental packages available.

  • You can download Turbo C/C++ for Windows 8 64 bit from -

  • If you wish to run the TURBO C++ on Windows 8 onwards then you need to use Dosbox. This software helps you run the C_++ programs on the modern windows system. That being said, if you want to use Graphics library then you can use DevC++ for those turbo libraries. But there is one tutorial on the net that allows you to use and also tells you how to compile in such way that it works on Windows 7 onwards.

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