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    How to buy an inactive domain which is not available for sale ?

    Want to purchase an inactive domain which is not presently on sale? Let our experts guide you in buying an inactive domain which is not on the market.

    I want to create a blog. But the domain name which I want to buy is already taken by someone else. The whois details of that domain indicates that it was registered in December 2008, renewed in December 2014 and will expire in December 2018. Now the most frustrating part for me is that the owner of the website has never created a single page website on that domain, even he/she has not parked that domain for sale. The owner is just wasting his money on renewal and my time as well. So experts please suggest me a way to buy that inactive domain name which is already registered.
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  • I do not know much about the answer for your question but I hope you may get the answer for your question from the link mentioned below:

    Link for your answer


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

  • There a only few choices are available to you when you want to purchase the domain that has been already occupied. The person who had purchased the domain has the sole right to do whatever he/she want to do with his domain whether he should use it or leave that idle. The person will obviously not work according to your will.

    1. You must look for another domain with slight spelling change.
    2.You must contact the owner of domain if he/she is accessible and ask for selling the domain to you. This step works rarely and it's generally not possible to find the owner.

  • It is common for people to buy and park domain names that may be useful for organisations or other big spenders in the future. For example, if today I buy a domain named for as cheap as Rs.300 and keep it idle until 2020. Organisations/Companies seriously looking out for this domain would contact me and be willing to pay whatever amount I ask for in return. This is a common practice that is being followed for a very long time.

    In your case, I would suggest you to lookup the owner of the domain name through various lookup directories and send the owner an email/phone call and ask for his price to transfer the domain to you. Be prepared to shell out more if the domain name is high on demand. Also, don't forget to negotiate a little bit.

    Let me know in case you need assistance looking up the details of the owner.

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