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    Wireless internet network covering 2 square km

    Need a router for wireless Net connectivity over a small area? Know from the responses below which would be the ideal routers for such a network.

    I want to cover a small area (2 square kms.) with only one internet network. Which kind of routers and repeater are the best to use? I want the Routers' brand names and if you can recommend for my sites which I can use, it would be helpful to know.
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  • 2 square kilometers is by no means a small area to cover by wireless network. Even the best of the routers can cover only 100 meters of radius. You will need to go for business solutions from some broadband company to get such a vast area under WiFi connectivity. Doing this by yourself would not be productive at all resulting in some area being out of coverage and some areas having unnecessary overlapping fields. Any big broadband providers like BSNL, RCom, Airtel, Vodafone or even local providers are capable to handle such installations. Do some inquiries regarding the rates and service quality and then choose the provider.

    As for routers and repeaters I would suggest you only 3 companies: D-Link, TP-Link or Belkin. These are the best in industry though Belkin has entered in Indian market only a few years back but they have been an experienced company outside India.

  • '2 square kms' and 'a small area' are not synonymous terms with respect to personal wireless network. As Ankit stated above, only professional business entities can provide you that kind of coverage.

    If that was a typo error and you are looking for a smaller area coverage, please read on. I am currently using a wireless router that provides me wireless coverage upto 200-300 metres without any issue. Its a TP-Link 300 Mbps wireless N router with the model number: TL-WR940N.

    This particular wireless router comes with 3 powerful antennas and gives me good coverage in every corner of my house. I can also access my WiFi network even while roaming in my colony. However, the network goes out of coverage if I go further than 3 houses on either side of my house.

    If you are looking for an area coverage like this, I would suggest you this particular router. However, if it is indeed 2 sq. km radius that you need coverage for, go ahead and speak to companies mentioned by Ankit.

    Here's an overview of the router I suggested:


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