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    Regarding Adsense Payment issue

    Not yet got your payment for Google AdSense earnings and puzzled about the difference between total earnings and balance amount? Let our experts help you out to clear your doubts.

    My life time AdSense earning is about 233$ (still increasing) but it is showing only 165.87$ as payable amount and current balance why this is showing and where is the rest of my earnings? I have never received before any payment from Google. When will I get these payments, the current balance and rest of earning? Please advice what I should do.
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  • Google finalizes your earnings after the end of every calender month. The payable amount ($165.87) showing in your AdSense account must be the finalized amount till the end of last month.

    Your overall earnings are shown till date ($233). This amount should get finalized by the end of the current month and should show up as amount payable.

    To be able to receive payment from AdSense, please make sure you've completed all the steps in order to successfully receive the finalized amount. If you've never received a payment from Adsense before, please make sure your account is verified and you have already entered the PIN that you must've received from Google. Also make sure you've successfully added a payee profile in your payments page with the correct bank account details.

  • The information you have provided here is not sufficient to answer your question. If possible, please add screenshots of your AdSense account. One can answer this issue only after knowing the actual position of your account.

    Please let us know the following:

    1. Are you talking about life time earning?
    2. Have you considered your current month's non-finalized earnings?
    3. Also check the date range for which you are looking for the total earning.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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