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    The best gadget for losing weight

    Looking for a gadget that will help you to lose weight effectively? Check out the feedback from others in this Ask Expert thread to know which weight loss gadgets are the best ones & their prices too.

    I would like to know the cheap and best gadget for losing weight. Give the device brand name, how much it costs and how to use it effectively. Can this device be utilized by elders for weight loss? Pros and Cons of using the gadget for losing weight could be mentioned too.
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  • There are no gadgets that can say with 100% confidence that by suing the gadgets they can make you lose weight. The best and the effective way to reduce the body weight by doing exercise that focuses mainly on your abs or stomach region. You should also do the push-ups as they are considered best for the overall body. If you'll concentrate on the exercise and regulary go for the exercise for a period of time surely you can reduce your body weight effectively. I have done this all and hence I' suggesting you all this. I have seen that how effectively these things help to lose weight. You should go for proper diet with proper exercise within the guidance of experts or by viewing the experts video that are on the web. Don't waste your time searching for the gadgets instead do exercise.

  • None of the "so called " weight lose gadgets are reliable in their functioning.There are many points that just go against them.

    1. They strongly lack any scientific evidence about the gadget or the process being promoted.
    2. They are never sold by any qualified medical practitioner.They can only be ordered from internet or phone mails by unqualified individuals.
    3. They claim you can lose weight without any exercise which is too far from truth.
    4. they fail to provide medical supervision which can sometimes be fatal.

    Rather than going for these gadgets, best way to lose weight and stay healthy include

    1. After breakfast, stay stuck to water. Don't consume any soft drinks. Sugary drinks only increase calories, not nutrients.
    2. Eat lesser than you do each day. Reduce your diet in terms of bites spread over the days.
    3. We have a tendency of having to chew something while watching TV. Reduce your TV timing by one hour per day.
    4. Wash something thoroughly once in a week- be it floor, windows, bathroom tiles. You will lose 4 calories for every minute spent in cleaning.
    5. Wait for physical hunger to reach out for food. Don't just eat for the sake of it or as a relief for boredom, nervousness, habit or anxiety.
    6. Spend 10 minutes each day walking up and down the stairs.
    7. Walk at least 5 minutes for every two hours.

    You will need no gadgets, or any supplements and lose weight.

    Live....and Let Live!

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