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    How to post in Blogspot via SMS?

    Here you can learn how to post blogs in your page via SMS.

    In, I found that there is an option to post blog via SMS. I found that option under Settings -> Mobile and Email. How to activate this feature and start posting my blog through SMS? Does anybody tried this feature? If yes let me know the process of posting blog via SMS.
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  • Add your mobile device from settings->mobile &email->add mobile device.

    After you click on that you will get a unique code for you.Just send that code to the given number. That's it! your mobile will be verified and from next post you can directly hit a message and your post will be published.

  • Below is the step by step guide to activate and post updates in Blogspot blog via SMS and MMS :
    1. Login to your blogger account and click on the blog which you want to activate.
    2. Go to Settings > Mobile and email. Now click on Add a mobile device.
    3. Now you will see a verification code on your computer screen.
    4. Create a new message in your mobile and send that verification to this no. 256446.
    5. Once your mobile number is activated, you can post pictures, text or both on your blog by just sending a message to 256446 everytime.
    Pros of Blogspot SMS service :
    1. It is highly portable service, you can post urgent updates on your blog without any hassle.
    2. You do not need internet connection to use Blogspot SMS service.
    3. You do not need large devices like PC, Laptops etc. to update your blog.
    4. You can post updates via SMS, MMS and Email on your blog.
    Cons of Blogspot SMS sevice :
    1. It is a very expensive service if you are not using SMS pack on your SIM card.
    2. You could not post a picture which is more than 250 KB in size. If you do so, the message will be bounced.
    How to deactivate Blogspot SMS service :
    If you want to deactivate SMS service of Blogspot. Then send a text message 'UNREGISTER' to 256446. Now your device will be deactivated from Blogspot.

  • Posting through mobile in Blogspot is only enabled for US mobile phone numbers. For this go to your blogger dashboard > Settings > Mobile and email. Here you will get the instructions to enable blogger posting through MMS.

    For non-US users only posting through email option is available. For this go to your blogger dashboard > Settings > Mobile and email. Here you will get a code which you need to email to a specified email address mentioned there to enable posting through email.

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