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    When will Xiaomi launch TV's and Smart Watches in India?

    Here you can read more about Xiaomi's plans to launch TV's and Smart Watches in India

    I recently saw a news on TV that Xiaomi will soon launch TV's and Smart Watches in India. I just want to know the exact or at least the tentative date of the launch.
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  • During the Redmi 1S launch event that I attended, I vaguely remember Hugo Barra mentioning Xiaomi's plans to introduce the Mi TV in India in 2015. I also remember him saying that one of their stores in Bangalore has the Mi TV on display where people can not only have a look at it but can also check out its features.

    Although, I doubt Xiaomi releasing their TV in India pretty soon, I think its the Mi Tab that is next in their line of releases for India. I think the second half of 2015 should be the appropriate time for them to launch the Xiaomi Mi TV in the Indian market.

  • Xiaomi want to have a unbeatable collection of devices. After launching a new model of T.V in china on 24-03-2015 the company has some bigger plan for the upcoming event, the upcoming event will be a big for the xiaomi fans. The company had declared that on this upcoming event the company will launch many devices like rumored smartphone alongside a smart watch according to the company's blog.
    The xiaomi smart watch will focus on attracting the budget. As the company has focused on low-pricing strategy.A earlier report said that xiaomi smart watch will take on apple watch but detail on the hardware and software species are limited now.
    DISPLAY: Xiaomi is considering a round-dial for its first smart watch. The smart watch is expected to be metal brushed to give a attractive look.

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