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    Sample letter to bank to transfer account from one branch to another

    If you are looking for a sample format for the letter to request the bank to transfer your account from one branch to another, follow this thread.

    I want to transfer my SBI bank account from one branch to my new address. I talked to the manager and he asked me to write a letter to them. Some other banks like HDFC has some forms to apply for account branch transfer but SBI has nothing like that.

    What should I write in the letter? Can anybody give me a sample letter to give to the bank?
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  • The new generation banks like HDFC, ICICI etc have proper forms that you can fill to transfer your account from one branch to another. However, the nationalized banks like SBI, SBT etc do not have any such documents readily available. In such cases, you can submit a request written or computer printed on white paper. You can address and hand over the letter to your original branch or the manager of the new branch. The transfer may take one or two days and you may get a confirmation call from the old branch.

    See step by step instructions to transfer bank accounts to new location.

    You can download a sample letter from here.

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