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    Tips for increasing traffic to Tech blog

    Are you intend to run a technology related blog? Here experts recommends various ways to increase the traffic for your blog

    There are heavy global competition among tech niche blogs and it is not an easy to survive for long to fetch traffic unless one furnish the latest technology related updates with rich content in it.

    However, what is the best tips for increasing traffic to Technology niche blog to stay for a certain period and win the race. Expert can advice on this.
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  • Before you start your own blog, you must keep in mind the golden rule to fetch organic traffic - quality content plus appropriate SEO are the king features to rank a blog high in the Google results. And remember don't start a blog on multi niche as it will be very difficult to cope with the updates of all the categories. Start a single niche blog like as you already mentioned to run a technology related blog, the best way will be to built a comparison blog. With your tech-comparison blog you can compare smartphones, tab or related hardware. In doing so provide a detailed description with adequate images in it.

    Now let's focus on the white hat SEO. Whenever you write a blog post, keep in mind the keywords which you are going to use. For example, if I want to compare Panasonic Eluga S and Lenovo S580, then my title would go something like Panasonic Eluga S Vs Lenovo S580: Detailed Comparison. Now after a perfect title, summary or meta description is the next part we ought to optimize. Now, the first sentence of summary should have the same keywords which your title has. For example, summary should go like - Check out the comparison between Panasonic Eluga S Vs Lenovo S580 (Note that I used Vs instead of and). For a perfect summary, You should always try to truncate your summary to not more than 160 characters. Now, after providing a summary, we have to SEO optimize our article's content. When you have written the whole content (without taking in mind the SEO optimizations), write an introductory paragraph comprising of your keywords. But remember do not do keyword stuffing as it will have negative effects on your blog. For this purpose, you can keep a watch on the competitor's website on how they use keywords in their content. After completing your content, check for the keyword density (use online checkers). For a safe SEO, your keyword density should be between 2-4% and never more than that. Now you have successfully optimized your content for white hat SEO.

    PS: Although it is optional to optimize URL for the keywords you used in your content, but it will not be a bad choice at all if you well optimize it with "-" operator separating all the individual keywords like "panasonic-elugas-lenovo-s580". Never use underscores in your blog URL.

  • For Tech blogs, it will be very easy if you know the search engine optimization well. Don't feel tensed if you don't know search engine optimization because there are many ways to get traffic but this is the simplest way to get that.

    I have been in blogging for one and a half years and I never depended on Google. Because, Google will surely hit you at some point of time. So,try to build more social media traffic.

    Social media will help you for sure. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are most famous.But there are many communities and sites which will bring you huge traffic.I am listing some of the sites to get huge traffic here,For more Google it out.

    Stumble Upon: This is the best source of traffic,but many will consider this as bot traffic. It means no one will read your post actually. Klinkk, Blog engage,growth hackers are some of the best communities to get traffic and do-follow back links.

    You can easily get more traffic if you work hard,But you can get it with smart work through Search engine optimization.

    Hope i helped you. If you have any other doubts, kindly let me know.

  • Though I am not expert on blogging and SEO, let me put forth my views.

    1. Use of good SEO plugins.
    2. Use a fast loading theme - People would easily get attracted to blogs or webpages that load faster.
    3. Add share button on your blog. Visitors to your blog will definitely share if they like a content. They will not take extra efforts if you don't have a share button.
    4. Use Google analytics tool to monitor the traffic to your blog. This will help you find which areas attract more visitors.
    5. Pay attention to quality content. Without a good content, your blog is nothing.
    6. Keywords are an asset to a blog. Use proper and informative keywords so that search engines can include your blog in the results. Pay attention to what the prospective visitors may use as keywords.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • These tips can help you to increase traffic to you tech blog :
    1. Share you articles on social networking sites like twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest etc.
    2. Bookmark your articles on social bookmarking sites like reddit, digg, diigo, Delicious, StumbleUpon etc. to get backlinks and referral traffic.
    3. Build social brand of your blog through these ways :
    • Facebook : Facebook is the biggest social network on the internet. Create a Facebook page and group of your blog. This will give your blog a massive exposure and traffic as well.
    • twitter : Create twitter profile of your blog and tweet your article links with hashtags to increase reach of your tweet.
    • Google+ : Google's own social network is largely impacting SEO nowadays. You should definitely create Google+ brand page of your blog. Then share your blog links and try to achieve maximum amount of +1s.
    • Pinterest : Similar to twitter, you can also create a Pinterest profile of your blog. Then pin images of your articles. It will give you a good amount of referral traffic.
    • StumbleUpon : Now we can create an StumbleUpon page for our blog as well. So create an StumbleUpon page and share your blog links through it.

    4. Use search engine friendly titles and make use of H2 and H3 tags in your blog posts.
    5. Submit your blog to Google and Bing webmaster tools for faster indexing of your blog posts.
    6. Make use of alt tag in article's images so that, they can appear on top of the Google image search.
    7. Submit you blog to some popular and reputed blog directories like Indiblogger, Blogadda etc.
    8. Guest post on popular blogs to get quality backlinks and direct traffic to your blog. Some of the popular blogs are shoutmeloud, techgyd and alltechbuzz etc.
    9. Place a 'Subscribe via Email' box on your blog to collect emails of your visitors. It will help you in a long run. All popular blogs use this technique to get instant traffic to their blog.
    10. Create and upload videos on YouTube and place an anchor link to your blog.

    So, these are the few ways to get traffic to your tech blog.

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