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    Which wifi router is best under 2500 for smartphone use.

    Looking for cheap WiFi router to use with smartphone? Here experts recommends you the best WiFi routers available

    Sir, I'm searching a WiFi router under Rs2500 particularly for smartphone use.
    I want to use router for smartphone use just like:
    1. Application and game installation.
    2. Web searching and internet use.
    3. Phone updates.
    My main purpose to buy WiFi router is to use smartphone.
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  • A basic WiFi router will be enough for the job. You can buy cheap WiFi routers like TP-Link TL-WR740N for less than Rs 1,000. It will be enough for personal usage.

  • Here is the list of the best Wi-Fi Routers below Rs.2.5k:

    Asus RT-N12 SuperSpeed N Wireless Router (Rs 2.4k):
    This is the best low budget Wi-Fi router priced below Rs.25k and provides a variety of features. This router uses 2.5 GHz frequency for the network communication and provides maximum network connectivity speed of up to 300 MBPS. It is very easy to install and provides remote management. Uses Network Address Translation technology for sharing single IP address. Moreover, it also provides the users to set their own bandwidth priority.

    Netgear JWNR2000 Wireless-N Router (Rs 2.2k):
    This router comes with a frequency of 2.5 GHz and provides great speed of up to 300 MBPS (depends on your internet plan). It comes secured with DoS and thus prevents unauthorized access to internet. Moreover, it is also embedded with easy to use parental controls and hence you can deny the access to a particular kind of website from opening up in your preferred browser. Besides being a budget Wi-Fi router, it also consumes very less electricity.

    Belkin Surf Router (Rs 2.1k):
    This router is very much similar to the one I mentioned above. Like Netgear, it also uses 2.5 GHz frequency and provides 300 MBPS speed. It comes with Network Address Translation (NAT) technology which allows the users to share a single IP address.

    Netgear N 150 (Rs 2.0k):
    This low budget Wi-Fi router is clocked at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and can provide maximum network connectivity speed of up to 150 MBPS. It uses DoS along with network firewall and SPI for an increased data protection. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac based operating systems.

    Netgear JNR 1010 (Rs 1.0k):
    Well this one is really a low budget one and yet it provides all the basic features. It comes with a 2.4 GHz operating frequency and provides maximum connectivity speed of up to 150 MBPS. It comes secured with NAT firewall and supports URL and Mac filtering for enhanced protection. Moreover, this low budget router requires just 5 Volts for its proper working. It is compatible with all platforms including Mac.

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