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    What are the harmful effects of sleeping with the smartphone?

    Ever wondered whether sleeping with smartphone under your pillow has any bad effect on your body? Read the expert opinion here.

    Smartphone replaced night watches, alarm clocks, calendars, flashlights, nightstand books, etc. It is common habit today that when we sleep we place our smartphone under our pillow. So is it effect our sleeping cycle or are there any harmful side effects to our health?
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  • There are many harmful effects of sleeping with the smartphone and some of them are mentioned below:

    1. If you sleep with your smartphone than it might disturb you or your family members at night by ringing at any time because of messages, calls etc you receive.
    2. Smartphone is not good to keep near your heart as the battery of your smartphone effects your heart. And as we know heart is the most essential part for our body so we should take proper care regarding it.
    3. If you keep smartphone under your pillow at night than you might be addicted to use it all the time and you will not be able to sleep properly. And as we know that sleeping for a proper time is very compulsory for your health.

    So finally we reach to the conclusion that we should not keep our smartphones under our pillow as it has many harmful effects to your health.


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  • There are a lot of demerits of sleeping with Smartphone. Sleeping with Smartphone doesn't effects rapidly but with passage of time it shows the results.

    1.When you sleep with the Smartphone they not only disrupt you while sleeping by calls or notifications but also effects the good sleep. If in the mid of sleep you are getting a call the good sleep is altered hence for a good sleep keep your phone in silent mode with no vibration.

    2.When you use the phone while sleeping it cause strain in your eyes and can make you to lose the power of your eyesight and it can also lead you to wear spectacles.

    3.When in the middle of sleep you awake and the Smartphone is with you then your hand will surely step up on the Smartphone and truly you'll engage yourself with the smartphone instead of trying to sleep again. When you'll notice the time after using the Smartphone it will seem that you had spent more than 1 or 2 hours using the Smartphone.

    4.It's my own experience that when you keep the Smartphone away from yourself in the night you get a good sleep. It's pretty tough to get the addiction of keeping the Smartphone away in the night but slowly you'll get addicted and it's a good addiction.

  • There are many harmful effects of sleeping with smartphones and some of them are mentioned below:

    • If you sleep with keeping your smartphones under your pillow than the screen of your smartphones might get cracks as it get the pressure of the weight of your body.
    • The harmful rays from your smartphones can also result for your weak eye sides.
    • Keep your smartphones in your bedroom might make you to be addicted to use it all the time.

  • There are many harmful effects by keeping the smartphone near the bed when we sleep. Some are as follows:

    1) The signal which the phone is receiving also affects us abruptly and causes extreme headache.
    2)When we get a call or message at the night in between our sleep disturbs our sleep and hence causes severe strain.
    3)Using smartphone at night in the dark affects our eye sight in all possible ways.
    4)It is very dangerous to use smartphones while charging cause the battery might explode at times, so when we keep the phone under our pillow at night and it charging there is chance for explosion. So everyone please BEWARE!

  • Sleeping with your mobile phone causes the following bad effects:
    • Research has sown that mobile phone pumps out electromagnetic radiation, which can delay and disrupt sleep.
    • Radiation interferes with the ability of our body to repair itself.
    • Radiation can also affect brain's stress system, thus causing loops of anxiety.

    A study led by Arnetz, sponsored by mobile phone companies, has observed that using a handset just before going to bed prolongs the time needed to reach a state of deep sleep. It can cause mood and personality changes and depression in kids.

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