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    Best paid Antivirus for Windows XP

    Fed up of constant virus problems with your Windows XP PC? Find out from experts which are the best antivirus software for Windows XP and get comparisons too.

    I still like the old OS (Windows XP) and its performance for my work even though I have used Windows 7 OS and the next version. My system gets affected with several viruses despite using Free Anti-virus. Thus I paid around Rs 500 for 1 year and 1 system Anti-Virus from Kaspersky, it detected more than 50 Trojan and Heur viruses and disinfected them. However, my system is still performing slow, hangs, hard to use refresh option etc. I am still using CCleaner as well and removing prefetch and temp files etc.

    Expert please advice the best paid Antivirus for Windows XP and comparison with others as well.
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  • More than viruses, I think its the heavy anti-virus softwares that slow the system down. These anti-virus programs although are designed to protect your system from malware, viruses and trojans, they end up eating into a lot of your system resources.

    I've personally use AVG, Kapersky, McAfee and a few others and find all of them to be on the same level. I now do not keep any anti-virus program installed on my system and focus more on avoiding downloading/installing potentially harmful files from the internet. This way my PC runs faster and stays clean.

    On the other hand, if you would still like to have an anti-virus program installed, I would suggest you to buy the McAfee AntiVirus program currently offered by Airtel India.

    Not only do they regularly update the virus/malware definitions over the air, they also offer you the option to pay on a monthly/annual basis. I've used this service for over a year on my home PC and was very happy with its performance.

  • You should try the Quick Heal Total Security which is available at many online stores. Quick Heal Total security provides you core protection but in addition to this, it also provides you web protection, email protection, parental protection and data protection. It can be purchased online at a price of Rs 1100. One of my friend has been using it and I saw that he is quite happy after purchasing this antivirus. I strongly recommend you to go for this one as this is a superb antivirus.

  • Some of the best Anti-viruses for Windows XP are mentioned below:
    1. Avast
    It protects your PC from viruses and does not slow down your PC.
    2. Norton
    You can get this anti-virus to protect your PC from harmful viruses.
    3. Anvi Smart defender:
    It is also in the list of the best anti viruses for your system.
    4. Quick heal
    It is the most famous anti virues as it is used by many of the people to protect their system from viruses. You can also use it to protect your system from viruses.
    You can get any of the anti-virus from the list mentioned above but as per my thinking you should use Windows 8 for your system as it comes with a pre installed anti-virus known as Window defender you can just enable it to protect your system from viruses but if you buy anti-virus for your Windows XP than I think its a kind of waste to your money as the anti-viruses will slow down your system more than what viruses do.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

  • You can have a look at SpyHunter, it is available for a low cost and provides almost all the basic features to cope with virus and worms affecting your system. I used it for over a month, and it was successful in removing 2 trojans, 1 worm and besides several pop-adwares from my gaming rig. The scanner does not takes much time and for daily usage you can choose to scan only the sensitive areas of your computer like system 32 where the viruses are more likely to reside.

    And as already told above, Anvi Smart Defender is also a good choice as it is also available for a very low price. And besides providing the basic scanner, it also have built-in system optimization tools to increase the speed of PC. Moreover, its adblocker is something out of the world and works perfectly when you surf the internet.

  • When purchasing antivirus you should look for its system requirement, detection accuracy, scanning speed and much more. Can you tell me your system requirement so that depending on it i can suggest you antivirus. Also system becomes slow when you are using more then one antivirus, try removing unwanted start up programs, clean registry, uninstall unwanted programs, kill unwanted tasks etc.

    You can try ESET nod32 Antivirus if your system requirement is low.

    Poonam Naik

  • Some of the best antiviruses for Window XP are mentioned below:
    • Kaspersky: It is one of the best antivirus for Window XP.

    • Norton: It is also in the list of the best antiviruses for Window XP.
    • Avast: It is also a good antivirus with many Indian users.
    • Bitdefender: It is considered as the best antivirus.

    • There are many antiviruses for Window XP but the list mentioned above are some of the best from them. You can install them on your Window XP and they will run with a great speed as well as they will protect your system from viruses.

  • I have been successfully using Kaspersky for the last 3 years and I am very satisfied with the result. You need to purchase a paid version of Kaspersky for better result.

    After getting the license code, you need to activate using online mode and the tenure of the license is usually one year. With one code you can use for two PCS. So it's not at all so expensive especially buying for two guys with one code.

    Kaspersky protects from all kinds of virus and you will have haste free net experience. You need to run the anti virus quite often for the better results.

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