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    Is it possible to get rank in Google first page with two days for event blog

    Eager to get ranked in Google search engine's first page within 2 days of starting a blog? Know from our experts if this is possible and how to achieve it.

    I want to know whether we can rank in Google's first page within 2 days. I want to start a blog now on new year greetings. Suggestions please.
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  • I don't think so, New Year Greeting topic is very common on internet. There are various old dedicated sites in this niche. Ranking a 2-3 day old blog in this niche is almost impossible. One more thing is that it is not a profitable niche if you want to earn money. Instead of wasting your time in this niche, try to create micro-niche blog on an upcoming electronic product like smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. These topics will give you more money, even if you got less traffic.

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