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    Modem with SIM card slot and Wi-Fi feature.

    Looking for a modem with Wi-Fi and SIM card slot? Check out this Ask Expert page for a list of budget modems with SIM card facility.

    I want to buy a modem having a SIM card slot as well as Wi-Fi feature. I own a desktop and a smartphone and I want to plug the device to the computer USB port and use the internet on the computer along with using via Wi-Fi on the smartphone. At the same time I want to know whether it's possible to use it as plug and play device when the device is not plugged to desktop's USB port. I had seen a Huwaei Modem in price range Rs 2000 but it's out of stock so suggest me the best option at lowest possible cost in the same range.
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  • If you are looking for a sleek, compact product I suggest that you check out this new T-P Link product: 3G Mobile Wi-Fi M5350.

    About the product: It provides for high speed mobile Wi-Fi. The built-in 3G modem enables you to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot by inserting a 3G SIM card at the back. It operates on a 2000mAh battery which can be recharged with a micro USB cable. It even has a micro SD Card slot, so you can easily put in a micro SD card, plug the device into your PC and voila -it now functions as an external USB memory stick!

    As for the cost, it is available at various e-commerce sites with the price ranging from INR4000 to INR4800. There are also various models with more sophisticated wireless features, but would probably be beyond your budget since they have double the price tag.


  • Thanks Vandana for providing the information as much as you can. At last I had to explore a lot on the web to get the best modem with Wi-Fi feature.

    Those who require the same I am suggesting you the best low priced and best manufactured modem from Huawei.

    1. Huawei E8221 Wi-Fi Modem- This modem has the download speed around 14.4 Mbps and a upload speed of 5.76 Mbps.
    2. Huawei E8231 Wi-Fi Modem- This modem has the download speed around 21.1 Mbps and a upload speed of 3.76 Mb.

    There are several limitations of the both modem like they doesn't support USSD feature etc. but according to the price range they are the best available in the lowest possible cost.
    Both the modem are available at the lowest cost on Snapdeal.

  • Have a look at this device:

    A full review of this device is also available on Techulator. Here's the link.

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