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    How to convert dual audio mkv File in to MP4

    Need to convert a Dual Audio MKV file to MP4? Learn from our experts how to do this systematically, step by step.

    How can I convert a Dual Audio MKV file to MP4 or remove one audiofrom the MKV file? I would like experts to explain the procedure with step by step guidance.
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  • There are various ways to convert a dual audio mkv File in to MP4. You can follow following steps to Dual audio mkv to avi:
    1. convert the video to xvid/avi with one of the many GUIs such as StaxRip, MeGUI
    2. Extract the ac3 audio tracks using mkvtoolnix

    3. mux everything together using AVI Mux GUI

  • You can use Divx Plus convertor which lets you to convert mkv to mk4 . After that use should use a mux software to add audio to that video.

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