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    Best endless runner games similar to Subway Surfer for Android smartphone

    Searching for Subway Surfer type similar games which are compatible with Android Jelly Beans OS? Check out the list of such games right here at this Ask Expert page.

    Subway Surfer is a very entertaining endless runner game for Android. Now I am looking for some other alternative games similar to Subway Surfer. Suggest me some free Android games similar to Subway Surfer. All games should be compatible with Android Jelly Beans OS.
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  • There are lot of games that is similar to Subway Surfer. There are only few games I like personally which I still have in my Android Tablet running Jelly Bean OS.

    1. Jetpack Joyride
    2. Into the Dead
    3. Agent Dash
    4. Temple Run series
    5. Canabalt
    6. Ski Safari

    The base concept for all the game is endless runner but they have their own points, accessories and levels.

  • If you are looking for endless running games for your Android Smartphone then you must try these ones which are mentioned below.

    1. Run Forest Run
    2. Empire Run
    3. Ninja Run
    4. Battle Run
    5. Temple Run 2
    6. Bunny Run
    7. Jetpack joyride

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