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    How to block FarmVille 2 game requests on Facebook?

    Fed up of repetitive FarmVille 2 game requests from Facebook friends? Learn from experts how to block such requests.

    I have been using Facebook social networking site for staying updated about the happenings in lives of all my friends, relatives and known people with whom I may not always be in contact. However, since last few months I repeatedly get FarmVille 2 game requests on Facebook from some friends even though I am least interested in playing that Facebook game. The number of Facebook game request notifications I get everyday has started annoying me a lot. I want to know how can we block Facebook game requests without blocking the user i.e. tips to block only the game requests on Facebook.
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  • Now you'll not get the Facebook game request from your friends anymore because Facebook has provided options to block the app which make you fell annoyed to. You can especially block a game request or all game requests.

    If you're using Facebook app then follow the steps given below:-

    1. Go to app settings under help & settings
    2. Go to application requests under notification and settings
    3. Uncheck on application request there to turn the alert off.
    4. Now you will not get any apps request on Facebook.
    5. This will block the all game requests on Facebook.

    If you're using the web version then follow the the steps given below:-
    1. Visit the app Center.
    2. Decline the app request by clicking on the "x" sign,
    3. As you'll decline the request you'll get two options one is to ignore all request and second is to block.
    4. Block the request of that app and hence you'll never get any request for that app.
    5. Confirm to block that app
    6. By following these steps you can individually block a specified app.

  • First of all, please don't think your friends are doing it intentionally. Some of these games provide additional credits for sending invites.
    There are a few methods available to block such requests.

    This is the quickest option to block such game requests. On the web version of Facebook, you will see an option to disable the request. Click on "X" button , you will get a confirmation message. Click "YES" and you are done!

    Sign in to your account and click on Games section under Apps. On the Games page, choose "ACTIVITY" option to look for game or app requests. Here you can see an option "IGNORE ALL". This will enable you to block the requests.


    This way you can block a game that really troubles you the most. From the games page , use search bar to look for particular game you want to block. Once you get the game , click on "BLOCK".You will get a notification indicating that you will not receive any request for the particular game.

    Live....and Let Live!

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