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    Forgot screen lock password of Nokia Asha 500

    Can't remember the screen lock password of your Nokia Asha 500 smartphone? Get quick expert tips right here to help you unlock it.

    I can't remember my screen lock password for NOKIA ASHA 500, so please advise me how to unlock it? Or are there any way to reset?

    I bought it in Laos and used it for a few months and after that I bought a new phone and used the new one. But after a while I just thought about using the 2 SIM cards so I took the old ASHA500 from the box where I kept it. I put the new SIM card in, turned it on and I saw password protection message. It asks me to put the security password but I had forgotten it since I had not used the phone since a long time.

    Details of the phone are:
    Name: Nokia asha500
    Model: 501
    Tpye: RM-902
    CODE: 059T1W8
    Class: B
    NTLID: B38417-13-0009
    IMEI 1: 359594/05/030404/6
    IMEI 1: 359594/05/030404/3
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  • You should visit the nearest Nokia Store located to your current location and they'll serve you the best. You should prefer to carry the purchase paper of your phone when you'll be visiting the service centre.

  • If you forgot your screen lock password of Nokia Asha 500 than you have two methods to get a solution for it:

    1. If you have not changed your default code than try to enter the default code that is 12345. If this won't work than follow the other method mentioned below.

    2. If the method mentioned above won't work than you need to go to your local care point to hard reset your device. Bring your purchase papers along with you of your device as that will be considered as a proof that the device which needs to be reset is yours. And that will be the final solution for your problem.


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