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  • Which are the best and unique featured applications available for messaging?

    Other than Whatsapp, want to know which are the best messaging apps? Right here at you can get first hand reviews of the best messaging apps.

    There are many messaging apps available in apps store like telegram, hike etc, but Whatsapp is the most famous application used world wide. Other than Whatsapp, which are the best messaging apps and what are the unique features these apps are giving which make them distinct from Whatsapp? What are the differences between them?
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  • The most of the applications are available on the internet. You can use either Whatsapp or other applications that provide the same features of chatting.
    Here are the mostly used applications which are alternate to Whatsapp:

    1. Hike:
    Hike is an Indian application and it is a free text messaging application in India. Hike benefits us even if we does not have internet connection.
    We can chat with friends, change themes for appropriate friend, use latest stickers, hiding chat or conversation with password protection and much more functions are available to use that are not available in Whatsapp.

    2. Skype:
    Skype is also another text messaging application which also used as music sharing, video chatting and voice calling using internet or WiFi connection.
    This application is developed by Microsoft.

  • There are many apps available for messaging but I will answer as per your questions. The best apps available for messaging other than Whatsapp are as given below:

    1. Kik
    Kik is one of the best app for messaging. Kik app is available for most of the platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows Phone operating systems. It is available in free of cost so that it can have more and more users. There are many Indian users of this app as this is an awesome app. It was modeled after BBM. It uses the Internet data to send messages and to receive messages. As per my own experience this is an awesome app and I also use it.

    2. Hike
    It is also one of the best app available for smart phones for messaging. This app has many of the awesome features in it like the users can send texts, images, videos, audios, voice messages and many more. It was launched on 12th December, 2012. It has many of the users.

    3. Snapchat
    It is a photo messaging application with many of the Indian users. Using the application, users can send photos, videos, text and drawings, to their friends if they use this awesome application. Many of the users use it daily.

    4. Skype
    As per my opinion Skype is the best app for video chatting. You can get this for free on your Google play store and you can do video chatting with your friends if they use this application. It also have many of the users. You can just talk to anyone if you know his/her skype ID.

    5. Viber
    Viber is used for sending voice messages. This app is available for many of the platforms like Mac OS, Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Series 40, Symbian, Bada, Windows Phone, and Microsoft Windows so that it can have many users. It works on both 3G/4G networks.

    You can use any of the app from the list mentioned above as they all are just awesome with many of the users. You can get any app from the list mentioned above from Google play store for free of cost.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

  • There are many apps for messaging but I will suggest you with some of the best from them. If you want to know the best messaging apps than you need to go through the details given below.

    • Skype: As per my opinion Skype is the best app for video chatting. It provide an advantage to users to connect to their friends face to face. It just need a smartphone and a front camera in it to do so. You can get this awesome app from your Google play store.
    • Viber: Viber is an awesome application available to chat. It also gives an advantage to the users to to free voice calls. We can use this application to send text, photos etc. You can get this awesome application from Google Play store.
    • Hike: You can get this awesome application on Google Play store. Users can use it to chat with their friends by sending texts, stickers and many more.

    You can install any of the apps from the list mentioned above as they all are just awesome.

  • If you look into Google store we can find 100's of applications on messaging and communication. WhatsApp stands alone as the best only because is it simple and flawless. It has got very little bugs and is user friendly. I'm not saying WhatsApp is the only good messenger application, there are others too which has calling facility also.

    This is a fantastic application available in every store which provides customers with facilitates like Chatting, Data sharing and Calling. The main highlight of Viber is that i provides free calling facility.

    As everyone knows about Skype, it is a messenger application in which people can do verbal chat,written chat and video chat. Same as in PC,Skype comes for smartphones with all these facilities. With a good network connection we can talk face to face with our family,friends all around the world.

    There are many other applications but these two are genuine and bug less compared to the other applications available in the Store.

  • The phenomenal and unprecedented success of WhatsApp has, in fact, made several messaging apps fade into oblivion, latest example being ChatON-the messaging service from Samsung which is going off in February according to reports. However, there still are some promising apps. Prominent among them are:

    1. KIK
    This is also a cross OS app like WhatsApp that has around 80 million users worldwide. It supports image sending, group chats and downloadable emoticons. You can create and send memes which is a unique feature. The best part is that it is completely personal and private, you don't need to share your phone number or email ID -just create a username and chat.

    This app has gone popular because of its ability to send and receive really quickly and privately. The images you send or receive do not stay (unless you save them) as the app has a self destruct timer feature.

    The best feature that would attract you to this app is its integration with Facebook. It can send messages to all or a selection of your Facebook friends. You can also send images and voice messages.
    One more interesting feature with this app is ChatHead which is a small round floating picture that sits on all running apps indicating new messages.

    4. VIBER
    VIBER helps you make video calls and IM conversations. It integrates with your contacts list just like WhatsApp does.
    Best part of VIBER is that you can have a chat with celebrities or organizations, like the Twitter.

    5. LINE
    This is one of the new entrants in the messaging arena, that helps you engage in free messaging and calls. With over 75 million users, it is giving tough completion to the older players. It scans your contact list and automatically adds those who are LINE members. It also has a time line feed to act as a social network.

    6. HIKE
    It is the first Indian messaging app developed by Bharti SoftBank. This works like WhatsApp, but the unique feature is that if the user is offline when the message is sent,the app sends SMS. The UI of the app is simple and clean.
    It has a NUDGE feature which is similar to Poke in Facebook.

    7. WECHAT
    Again a cross platform service, Wechat is popular in China. It allows you send text, videos, images and also supports voice and video calls.

    Live....and Let Live!

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