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    Which are the best performance testing apps/tools to test a smartphone?

    Want to test the performance of your smartphone? Here's a list of the apps and tools you can use.

    I have bought a new smartphone Moto X. I want to check the performance of my smartphone. As there are many tools which test performance of a smart device? Which are the best performance apps or tools to test smart devices? On what basis these apps test the device? What is the minimum performance score a smartphone must have to perform well?
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  • There are plenty of apps out there that will help you gauge your smartphone's performance. However, they are not considered as reliable as they used to be.

    Apps like AnTuTu Benchmark, Quadrant Standard among others help you check the phone's hardware capabilities. But a lot of other variables are also to be factored in while judging the phone's performance. A brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 may give a better overall score than a 2 month old Samsung Galaxy S5 on the same benchmark app simply because the older phone is in use and has a lot of its storage and RAM occupied. Moreover, other installed apps on the older phone may restrict the performance and give you a lower score.

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