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    Suggest the best mouse for a gaming PC

    Want to buy a mouse specifically for a gaming PC? Follow the responses below to know which are the best brands and models of a gaming PC mouse.

    I want to buy a mouse for my PC but I am little confused about the best mouses for my gaming PC. The PC mouse should look good and provide the best performance.
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  • I personally use the Dragon War 'Unicorn' gaming mouse for my PC. Although, you may find a much better gaming mouse out there, but this one suits me the best. Here are some of its features:

    1. Fully rubberized.
    2. A total of 6 buttons. (8 including the scroll up/down wheel)
    3. DPI controller (800-3200 dpi)
    4. Great build/grip.
    5. High quality USB cable.
    6. LED lights inbuilt

    This mouse is great for right handed users. I've been using this mouse for the past 5 months and am extremely happy with it. I bought it for around Rs. 1200 then, but it is available for under Rs. 1000 now. This mouse comes in great packaging and a professional grade gaming mouse pad is bundled free of cost.

  • There are many gaming mouse available online. The need is to select the best in the budget.You should mention the budget along with the question so that the best within your budget can be brought out. You should prefer Logitech G300 as I'm using it and it's quite comfortable to use this mouse .It's available on Flipkart at a Price of Rs 1,490.

  • If you want to buy the best mouse for your gaming PC than you must try out from the suggestions given below:

    1. Corsair Vengeance M65: This mouse has a great look and it look like that it was made for the real gamers. If you are a gamer than you should try this mouse for your PC. This mouse is very comfortable, It comes with a great design and It is just 164 grams in weight. As we know that Corsair company is very famous for computer parts so you can easily trust on this company. You can get this mouse from Amazon by just paying $69.99 .

    2. Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable: It also comes with an awesome look and it is also used by many gamers. It has many awesome features like it has 11 programmable buttons and a good scrolling wheel so that gamers can take an advantage over it. You can get this awesome mouse from Amazon by just paying $69.99 . This mouse is very comfortable to use and it has many other awesome features in it.

    3. Logitech G602 Wireless: Many gamers are using wireless mouse for their better comfort and enjoyment. This mouse is also wireless and it also comes with a great design. As compare to the other mouses mentioned above this mouse is cheaper among all of them. It has a unique feature that we can use it by a single battery as well as double battery so that gamers need not to worry about the continuous use of this awesome mouse. You can get this mouse from Amazon by just paying $59.39 . This mouse can make your gaming more better. You must try this awesome mouse as it is cheap among other and as well as it is according to your need.

    You can buy any mouse from the list mentioned above as they all are just awesome and many gamers also use them in their daily life.


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