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    Suggest me some of the best keyboards for a gaming PC

    Planning to buy a new keyboard for your gaming PC? Check out the feedback and suggestions given at this Ask Expert page to help you select the best one.

    I had recently lost my keyboard due to some reasons. Now I would like to buy the best keyboard for my PC. Regarding this, I asked my friends for the best gaming keyboards for a gaming PC but they were not able to suggest me any.
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  • You hadn't mentioned the price range so I've selected the keyboard within a price tag of Rs. 3000. These are the best gaming keyboard available under price Rs 3000 are:
    1.Razer Deathstalker Essential 2014 USB Keyboard
    Price Rs 2,990 on Flipkart
    2.Dragon War GK-001 Desert Eagle USB 2.0 Keyboard
    Price Rs 817 on Flipkart
    3.Dragon War GK-003 Dragon Racon USB 2.0 Keyboard
    Price Rs 1,225 on Flipkart
    4.Dragon War GK-002 Dark Sector Professional USB 2.0 Keyboard
    Price Rs 1,252 on Flipkart
    5.Dragon War GK-004 Silvio USB 2.0 Keyboard
    Price Rs 1,683 on Flipkart
    6.Logitech Gaming Keyboard G105 USB 2.0 Keyboard
    Price RS 2,490 on Flipkart

  • If you are a gamer than you must have a gaming keyboard and some of the best gaming keyboards are mentioned below. You can try them out according to your budget:

    1. SteelSeries Apex: It is a large size keyboard with many awesome features in it. The gamers are just addicted to their games while using this keyboard for their gaming as it changes there games more better to enjoy. It has a extra wide space bar so that the users can be comfortable to use it. You can get this awesome gaming keyboard to make your games more better. You can get this keyboard on Amazon at just the price of $74.99 .

    2. Logitech G910 Orion Spark: It is the best gaming keyboard and it is also considered as the World's fastest mechanical gaming keyboard. If you are in a budget to buy this awesome gaming keyboard than you must buy this. It will just change your interest to play games and you will be addicted to play more and more games using this keyboard. It has 125 keys in it which allows you to type accurate. It has many shortcut keys like play, pause, mute, volume and skip which gives you a great advantage while playing games or while doing any other important work you can just use them to function your machine according to the keys without closing your applications and it has many other awesome features in it. You can buy this keyboard on various online mega stores and it will nearly cost you 179.99 . You can buy any of the keyboard mentioned above according to your budget but I am again suggesting you that if you are in in a budget to buy Logitech G910 Orion Spark than you must buy it.


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  • I have recently reviewed two stylish gaming keyboards in techulator. You should check them out. Below are the links of the reviews.
    - Microsoft Sidewinder X6 review: It is a good quality gaming keyboard with many good features. It price is around $385 on Amazon.
    - Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard review : Another good looking gaming keyboard with the price tag of $248.

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