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    How to set security password in Nokia C3-00 ?

    Do you use Nokia C3-00 mobile phone? Read this thread to know the step by step procedure to set a security password in this phone.

    I want to set security password in my Nokia C3-00 mobile phone, so that no one can use my mobile except me. But I don't know how to do that. It should work like this - when I press "Menu & *" button to unlock my mobile, it suddenly ask for a password. Please provide step by step tutorials to set password in my mobile.
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  • To set a security password on your Nokia C3-00, you need to follow the steps given below:

    1. Open 'Settings' on your phone from the main menu.
    2. Click on 'Security Settings'
    3. Click on 'Phone' and then 'Sim'.
    4. Scroll down to lock code and to set the security code click on "Change the code to your own". It will then ask you for the default lock code that is 12345. Once entered, it will ask you for the new code which can be selected up to 4-5 digits. Write something which you can remember easily so that you won't forget it. Click on 'OK' then it will ask you for confirmation, click on Done.

    The password will then be set on your Nokia C3-00.

    I hope it was useful for you.

  • You have to activate phone security in your phone and for doing this you have to follow the step given below.

    1.Go to Menu options.
    2.Select Settings.
    3.Select Phone.
    4.Select Security Keyguard
    5.Set it ON and enter 12345 because it's the default security code.
    6.Your Security Keyguard is activated.

    To change Security Keyguard Code:-

    1.Go to Menu.
    2.Go to settings.
    3.Go to security settings
    4.Go to access codes.
    5.Select the Change security code.
    6.Enter your current code.
    7.Enter the new Security code and verify it.
    8.Your Security Keyguard coed is successfully changed.

  • It is better not to use the security password in Nokia C3. I had this bad experience where I will set the password and sometimes it won't open even if I give the right one. It happened for me in Nokia Xpress Music 5310. I have heard this complaints from many of my peers. There are sometimes it will lock the SIM card and you won't be able to make calls. It is because it doesn't had enough hardware capacity to handle security. The recovery options for these kind of mobile is very limited. If you take Android mobile, even if you forget the password you can recover it by login to your phone's associated Google account. If this mobile gets locked you need to take it to service center which is the only option.

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