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    How to play iPhone/iPad games on my PC using emulator ?

    Do you love playing games? Follow this thread to know the best emulators and learn how to play iPhone/iPad games on your PC using the emulator.

    There are various emulators to run Android apps and games on a computer like Bluestacks, Youwave etc. But is there any emulator available to run iPhone/iPad apps and games on a computer ? If yes, then provide me the name of that emulator.
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  • There is simulator named as iPadian through which you can download and install iPhone/iPad app. iPadian doesn't work like Bluestack where you will download the app in your PC and run using Bluestack. You will get a iPad like interface after launching iPadian and you need to use the App Store inside the simulator to run iPhone/iPad apps. The App store you find inside iPadian is not the original app store. Due to copyright issue iPadian is using their own App store. So you won't be able to get all apps that is available for iPhone. This software is not a freeware. I tried trail version of this software in my computer but it made my computer slow. I have 2 GB RAM and Core i3 processor. Try this software if you have more RAM and good processor than mine. It utilize lot of resource and you need at least 8 GB RAM and i7 processor to run this software without any lags.

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