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    What are rich snippets & how they impact SEO of a site ?

    Read this thread to know exactly what do you mean by rich snippets. Also learn how it impacts your sites SEO performance and the click through rate (CTR).

    I have read somewhere about rich snippets that they are very important in SEO and increases click through rate (CTR) of a site in search results. But I don't much about rich snippets. I want to know how they impact SEO ? How important are they for a website/blog ?
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  • Yes, you are correct that rich snippets can be used to increase click through rate. And I will explain this later on, but before starting we should know what exactly are the rich snippets.

    What exactly are rich snippets:

    Okay, now I will try to focus you on some practical aspects of rich snippets rather their theoretical structure of using them. Now, before we move on, I recommend you to type GTA 5 rating on the Google search.
    rich snippets
    Now, you could see there are several results showing you some stars below the links of every website along with some extra micro information like - reviewed by so and so. Now this micro formatting with which these extra information are displayed is known as the Rich Snippets. And these can only be achieved through meta-tags. Unfortunately, these were so badly abused by spammers that Google had to stop using them as a ranking signal.

    But, these meta-tags can be used in a proper way to catch someone's eyes onto your site. And, this is the reason why these rich snippets are responsible for greatly increasing click through rate. And to your surprise there are many kinds of rich snippets which are daily used by the authors and webmasters. You may have seen the author's name and their picture along with their website in a search result, and this is also a pure case of rich snippets.

    How to use rich snippets:
    You can use "" for developing your desirable rich snippets. This site provides its users with a collection of shared vocabularies which the webmasters can easily use to mark up their pages. And more importantly these marked up pages will perfectly comply with the major search engines including Google, Microsoft, Yandex and Yahoo.

    In the simplest terms, is based on the micro-data where each kind of data can be described by the schema vocabulary. Thus you can copy your self-created schema vocabulary and microdata formatting in to your web page's HTML content. This is the way you can easily markup your pages to further improve their visibility in the search results.

    One of the major advantage of is that it consists of huge list of vocabularies which ranges from job listings and movie information, to bakeries and liquor stores. So, you can find out a relevant schema for your website.

    If you want some more information about the necessary meta-tags which are used for correct formation of rich snippets, then you can check out the below mentioned link:

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